A patent is a grant that is  issued by the  government which marks an idea or creation as the intellectual property of its inventor. When an inventor gets a patent, he or she will be ensured the sole right to use, manufacture and sell the creation. A patent is infringed if the creation is used without permission, or expanded upon in an ‘obvious’ manner.

These days many opportunistic companies will file patent infringement cases in order to extort damages from defendants. Apple’s commitment to innovation can be seen in the number of patents they have, and also the quality of the patents. In 2010, itself  Apple was granted a total of 566 U.S. utility patents which was five times greater than the patents that was granted in the year 2006.

In the second week of  August, Apple has won a case against Samsung when a bunch of the company’s smartphones were found to infringe on Apple’s patents. From that time, there have been a discussion all around the globe, about  Apple’s patents.

Apple has patented all of the good ideas, many companies is not really satisfied with this judgement. They often consider this as an argument against innovation.  Just because Apple patented things like bounce-back and touch-scrolling, it  doesn’t mean that there aren’t other ways to do that.

Another important argument is that Samsung, and other competitors, will now have to spend more money for developing products that don’t infringe on Apple’s patents so indirectly  all those costs will be  passed on to the customer. Actually, Samsung chose to take the easier and less expensive road by outright copying Apple’s overall iPhone design, the look and the feel of its software.

Many are of the opinion that building your own products from the base is harder, slower and more expensive. Many argues that Apple patents has really hurt the concept of innovation.


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