The Long Awaited - Samsung ChromebookHey, exciting news for all those geek lovers out there! The long awaited Samsung Chromebook, unveiled one of  the most attractive priced laptops pushing back many other laptops at market. Samsung Chromebook is comparatively thin, light weighted laptop running on Google’s fastest browser Chrome operating system. Don’t you feel excited of this less price laptop of Samsung? Well, will get into the details of this Chromebook.

Google never let’s their customer’s down and hence the Cloud focused Chrome OS laptop keeps its name by offering fastest browsing for those all-time web users in this present scenario. For those users who completely depend on Google’s Cloud like Google Drive, Gmail, Docs, Google+, it is quite a reasonable and friendly gadget at $249!

Though at times it slows down due to number of tabs open at the same time,  it switches on fast, aids in quick browsing, hardcore hardware base for carrying out plenty of works and featured with high battery life which is boosts up its great value at less price when compared to other Samsung series.

The Long Awaited - Samsung ChromebookChromebook uses low-power processor, Samsung’s Exynos 5 Dual in-built on ARM’s new dual core system-on-a-chip Cortex A15 contruction featured with 2GB system memory.

The laptop is compact but deeper and thicker when compared to Apple’s MacBook Air. It got a stylish keyboard and larger touch pad and designed groove where you would be able to flip the screen off. Google proudly claims that it could play 1080p video which would a question to be raised as the screen resolution is just 1,366×768 pixels!

You can visit Chrome Web Store for freebies, apps, games and other purchases. You can pin your favorite apps and web sites just by right clicking on the tab. Chromebook in tests conducted, the battery life is up to 6 hours.

For apps, including games, you can visit the Chrome Web Store for freebies and purchases. You can pin apps and Web sites you like by right-clicking (err, two-finger-tapping) on the tab, at which point it becomes narrow and stays put.

To be short an amicable  device for all Google centered cloud-lovers!

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