IKEA, the most renowned name in the business field. IKEA started its true success milestones way back in 1943. Who knew the small boy Ingvar Kamprad would draw the world’s attention with flat pack of furniture which adds harmony to homes!!

The Story of IKEAHow All Started

Yes, the small boy Ingvar Kamprad, founder of the success story by selling matchsticks to nearby houses at Agunnaryd in bicycle. As this grew, during 1930′s he started selling pencils, pens, Christmas decorations, etc. The brainish fellow, later shift to a delivery vehicle from his old bicycle marking the progress. This promoted the entrepreneurial skills and led step by step development of this international furniture retailer, IKEA.

What Does IKEA Stands For?

The Story of IKEAAt age 17, Ingvar laid the stone of his proud establishment as Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd( farm he was born) Agunnaryd( village he started his journey) in 1943 from his father’s monetary gift. This time though he established his start up industry, he went door to door to delivery of jewels to watches to pens to his grateful customers, building a strong bond.

The year, 1945, marked the true success story by putting up the first advertisement of IKEA in local newspapers which made him to formulate a fundamental pamphlet with list of things of IKEA. IKEA added furniture to the line of products by 1948.

To beat the rivals around, IKEA started designing its own attractive furniture to the customers. The furniture story started when once an employee tried hard as he couldn’t fit the furniture to his car. This made him to unscrew the table legs and reassemble it back at home. This sparked the beginning of flat pack furniture to IKEA.

The Story of IKEAIn 1958, the IKEA store opened in complete swing in Almhult with about 6700 mstanding as one among the largest display of furniture of Scandinavia. The success story started stores after stores from Sweden to New York city reaching out the demands of the customers around the world.

What Makes People Go For IKEA?

Style, attractiveness, effective outlook packed with affordable price tags made IKEA a popular choice of retailer. IKEA aimed at flat pack furniture models just not to tear your pockets, by reducing manufacturing costs, shipping, storage completely meeting the happiness of you and people around. So who would not fall for this eco-friendly sleek cost effective product line?

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