The Technology Behind London Olympics 2012The greatest show on earth, that is how it is taken. The London Olympics 2012 sure is that way and the splendor we see is not there with no company, but is backed by powerful technology of the age. That simply means the best is ensured for every detail of the event. Now if we look what Gerry Pennell, Chief Information Officer for London 2012 organisers LOCOG, got to say on the technology implementation for London 2012, we can affirm on the perfection and the game gets top marks.

Gerry Pennell say: “There are no second chances for technology at the Games; it has to work well and work the first time. From the athlete’s’ point of view, technology is not a consideration, unless it goes wrong. We want to ensure the athletes can concentrate on their own performance and not give technology a second thought.For spectators watching in venues and the billions watching at home across the globe, technology will bring all the pieces of the jigsaw together to digitally enable the greatest show on earth.”

To get the big picture about the technological challenge in such a massive event, only thing one need to look to the extension and the span of the Olympic Park, associate venues totaling about 94. Nothing less than a 3417 mile networking cabling been put down plus a 621 miles broadcast cables. Now this layed down cables connect to and power up over 13,000 computers, 2,900 laptops, 950 servers and storage systems, numerous tablets, along with multitude Panasonic television (totaling over 10,000), 390 scoreboards from Omega, over 16,000 fixed lines and over 110,000 individual supporting equipments. Now those big numbers of technology equipment got to work together as well hand in hand to make things happen the way it should be.

Its weighted that London 2012 Olympics will snap a gargantuan 466 million snaps, not that all but over 334 years worth video, that means about 6 GB of data generated each second!

Cisco handles all voice and data from the games, safe and secure data transfer from scoring and timing to broadcast data. With much of activities happening every second in the games, it really is a big technological challenge to have every detail broadcasted the multitude audience spread all around the globe. About 4 billion users as TV audience and over 1 billion visiting the official London 2012 website. The broadcast juice captured by making use of about 1223 cameras, and here BBC itself will make available over 2500 hours of live coverage both online and TV employing 24 HD channels created solely for London 2012.

Visa made available contactless payment technology at every venue for the Games and that makes London 2012 the first Olympics implementing easy payment, NFC enabled mobiles to pay contactless. Panasonic has also installed three 152 inch plasma screens, worlds largest of its kind together with about 42 nos of the 103 inch type. With them instant replays and live action available spectators. Free Wi-Fi throughout the games from O2 partnering with Westminster Council. Any user could login free across the West End of the capital and make access to a full fledged network exclusive for London 2012.

Volume of athletes is naturally big, with over 200 participating countries. The official timekeeper Omega will be managing 420 tons of equipment to make sure just like everything else, time stays perfect as it should be, perfection to the last millionth of a second. Now that is a hell of technology happening behind the limelight, any one would wonder how much the costs would come up for just for the IT.

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