Luxury phones with diamonds embedded are a common thing,  they usually come at a price of around one million dollars. But this time British based company Stuart Hughes have broken the price records of such phones. The company introduces an luxury iPhone 5 at a price of 15 million dollars.  This phone is made with a handmade chassis in solid gold along with a home button made of a 26-carat black diamond.You can also find 600 white diamonds embedded in the body covered with full gold dressing and a sapphire glass set in the screen. The Apple’s logo on the back is made from solid gold and is embedded with 53 diamonds. For this  luxurious iPhone 5  approximately 135 grams of 24-carat gold was used.

The marketing words given on the website is very catchy: “Diamond is distinctive in the way it reflects light. It has a unique brilliance and also breaks the light up into spectral colours, which reflect within the stone as it is moved.”

Underneath the flash exterior the innards remain the same just like  a standard iPhone 5. However Hughes replaced the iPhone’s glass with sapphire glass, which is generally used by Apple for the camera lens. It’s been said that the black diamond alone cost $14.5 million.

 Stuart Hughes is a  Liverpool based company. The main mission of the company is  letting the technology to embrace luxury. All the products are truly unique and you would just love to show it to the world if you get one. Stuart Hughes have tried to cover the urge of the rich people for luxury products. The company’s product line consist of  luxury mobile phones, iPads and Laptops, Cars, Yachts, Houses, Clothes, Alcohols, Gadgets and several other  products.

Some popular products from Stuart Hughes are platinum iPadDiamond Nokia E71. You will just fell in love with the luxury aspect of these products which makes you stand out wherever you go.The platinum iPad for instance weighs about 2700 grams and has 173 individually inlaid sparkling gems on the rear section. Just like that Diamond Nokia E71′s  wallet is made from “real Ostrich foot. Though you won’t find it practical still rich people whose main motive is to spend on luxurious products will definitely buy it. Some people consider black diamonds to be very lucky in their lives. Getting a phone like this will definitely bring luck for them.

If you visit the company’s website then your eyes will be rolled out looking at the ravishing, luxurious products that they sell.



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