If someone dear to you is getting married then you can make their day special by downloading few photo sharing apps to your smartphone. It’s not necessary for you to be have expertise knowledge in taking pics, you can be an amateur photographer taking candid shots of the wedding shoe, flower arrangements or cocktail hour.

You can capture snaps throughout the day and share it with the married couple and guests. Who knows sometimes, your pics will be better than the pics clicked by the wedding photographer. They will just concentrate on the glamor shotsv but you will take the subtle and fun moments saving each and every moment of the big day.


This is an application that lets the guests to add photos to your album instantly. The guests can comment on their favorite pictures and special moments. You can view your wedding pics instantly with this app as the photos are directly added to the album.You can share it on social networking sites like facebook, pinterest, twitter etc. It is available for both iPhone and android. Guests can add themselves to the capsule by clicking on a link that you send them via email, Facebook or text. This is a free application, that’s the best part about it. You can sign up for this app here http://trycapsule.com/


Wedding Snap

Wedding Snap is an online iPhone and Android app that allows you to preserve all your photos in one place. Guests can download this app for free and enter your album code. All wedding photos taken through the app will be directly uploaded to the online album. You can send the album code to only those you want to see the pics. It is a private album for you and your guests. You will have to pay for one of three packages when signing up. All packages allow unlimited photo uploads and storage for one year. The packages start at $99.


This is an iPhone app that gives the nostalgic look of plastic cameras from the past. It available for $1.99 from the App store. It gives a“retro-fied” effect for all the pics that you take and you can change between the variables within a swipe of your finger. You can even design customized camera label and text for the event.

Gone are the days when you take digital cameras for weddings to take pics by yourself and wait till you reach home to upload the pics. In this era of smartphones, you can download some of these apps to cherish each and every wedding moments.

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