Facebook has unveiled video sharing feature on Instagam yesterday in an event organized at California headquarters. Facebook is working hard to adapt all the features which its competitors have, introducing Instagram video is kind of imitating Twitter’s ‘Vine‘.  However Instagram’s video has its own uniqueness. There is something that Instagram lacks, it is it’s ability to embed videos somewhere else.

Though this app supports services like  oEmbed standardEmbedlyWordPress etc, there is no easy “embed” button. This makes it very difficult for the users to embed videos.

If you wish to create Instagram video embeds manually, then you can follow these tips given below:

  • You need to first visit the URL for the video on Instagram  that you wish to embed.
  • In Chrome or Safari, you can right-click on the video and select “Inspect Element.”
  • There is a  code that says ‘div class-“Video”, find it out’ and search for a URL that has “distilleryvesper” in the title and ends in “.mp4.”
  • This is the URL for your video clip. Copying that URL (right click on the code section and select “copy link address”) and paste it in your web page.
  • You can also look out for a poster image which acts like a cover photo for your instagram video. This is an AmazonAWS link and the URL should begin with “distilleryimage.” You can copy this URL and open it in a new tab or window.
  • What you need to do next is to find out the HTML5 video code. For generating it in the easiest way you can use the Video for Everybody generator.
  • You can fill the generator by putting the video file in the MP4 video field, the Cover Photo URL in the poster image field and also adding a title for your embed.
  • The standard dimension for embedding an Instagram video is 640×640. You can choose to enable or disable autoplay. If you find autoplay disruptive then you can disable it. You can go for HTML5. If you wish to play your video in Flash also, then you can select HTML5 and Flash as your option.
  • You can then copy the string of code at the bottom of the generator. You can even omit the “download this video” section if you wish.
  • After generating the code, you can put it on your personal website or Tumblr. With Tumblr, the HTML5 code will only work in a text post — not in the video embed code.  You can even download the MP4 file and upload it directly to Tumblr.

Another option is installing Embedly. If you have an  Embedly library or a WordPress plugin installed, then all you need is the URL. Videos will play back perfectly.

Till the time Instagram comes with a solution, you can make use of these manual methods to embed videos.

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