Each year beginning and fall releases stunning Android apps with great fantasy on it! More or less there is quite a strong urge among youngsters to download the trendy and highly advanced game apps. Even 2012 came up with many free Android apps. Will list you some of the ranking ones!

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King Fighter II

The launch of this app estimated a high traffic of about 200000 downloads at the first month! Can you imagine? A blood burning app to swipe your feet off! This game fights against the evil for the good, King Fighter II a great gaming app. This was the second thrilling game launched by Letang, INC just after the make of King Pirate.Top 10 Free Android Apps 2012

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App Lock

Looking for high security for your Android? App lock protects your installed apps with the help of a specific pattern or design or password. This was reviewed as one among the strong application lock tool for Android users. Wanna try out this app?Top 10 Free Android Apps 2012

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 Tom’s Love Letters

Haven’t you listened to Talking Tom? An interesting and exciting app which thrills you even at your loneliness! This app features Talking Tom and Angela, and Tom’s femme fatale. With this app you could send lovely and romantic Valentine cards to your lover or also attractive cards to your buddies!Top 10 Free Android Apps 2012

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Cartoon Camera

Create creative images using cartoon camera. An app to bring down your photography skills and develop the passion! This app is used and downloaded by many at the first arrival.Top 10 Free Android Apps 2012

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Music Volume EQ

Is there anyone who doesn’t love music? With this mind blowing music volume EQ app you could enjoy music at different band length. The volume slider helps you to enjoy music like never before. Got the bass boost and the virtualizer effects. This app even helps you to improve the sound quality version of your Android.Top 10 Free Android Apps 2012

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 Speed 3D Racing Car

Gets you the most thrilling and amazing speed racing car wallpapers! This could drive you crazy as it looks perfect and realistic in your Android! You could enjoy unlimited experience with this fast racing cars ever!Top 10 Free Android Apps 2012

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Licking Dog Screen

Wow!! Who doesn’t love dogs!! Especially little pugs!! Look this app the little pug licks and cleans up your screen by making little squeezy sounds!Top 10 Free Android Apps 2012

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Thrilling, squeaky zoombies makes gives you a thunderbolt and scary but exciting feel on your silver screen! Maybe for some light hearted or scary ones this gives a flighty feel and for others gets you enjoy this app!!Top 10 Free Android Apps 2012

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Clock Tower 3D Live Wallpaper

Brings you an edgy feel! Gives the most thrilling and realistic attraction with huge stone gears of the clock tower moving in a 3D view! The 3D impact lets streaming lights through the stained glass and reflect on your screen!Top 10 Free Android Apps 2012

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Shipwrecked Game

Build up the lost population of the lost island with shipwrecked game! An awesome game to make yourself truly enjoying every bit of it. Find the lost ones in the dreamland! A full time entertainer game!Top 10 Free Android Apps 2012

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