Top 10 Wireless Routers

Wireless routers brings you great file transfer and Internet facilities. the best thing that each computer connected on your network no more needs wires for connectivity. You can get all your computers and laptops unchained, go mobile and browse from anywhere round that falls by your wireless router range. This is one good thing that everyone appreciates, no one loves being hovered in just a place and work the whole day, its good to be taking a few locale shifts and work in ease with no wires around tangling. Now when you got other WiFi enabled mobile devices to connect, thins be come a lot more easy. No additional 3G or other data costs with your phones or WiFi devices, you can draw data from your wireless router, faster and much efficient.

The wireless router market and the products available are vast for a newbie to chose from easily and most cases such a person may find it more than confusing and more of chances ending up with a wrong product. Article on top 10 Wireless Routers is written with the intention to help any person who is unsure of the basic thngs tto be know of before selecting a router. Few of the major router manufacturers are 3Com, Apple Inc, SMC, Asus, Belkin, Buffalo Technology, D-Link, Linksys, Motorola, Netgear, Mikrotik, Steele Inc, TP-Link, ZyXEL Communications Corp. Each one got dozens of products designed for various routing needs. The frist and basic thing you need to understand about, before getting one for you is the performance. I could split it down basically to speed and range. You can find routers coming in 3 flavors, the b, g and the n routers. The n enabled routers would be the fastest, getting you the best of connectivity. then comes router range, you need to be getting a wireless router that adequately covers the area you wish to go mobile, so enquire about the range offered. Additionally, you can bring in gadgets like the wireless router booster or repeaters to get more of range. But if you got more range with just a good router, why take bring in an additional device and spend more of cash. Security and encryption are another important thing to be considered. Most router manufacturers get you the best of available security and encryption, to be sure, go with the best.

Few of the routers that you can consider to be getting are given below.
Linksys E1200, Cisco Valet, Apple AirPort Express, SMC Barricade N 150Mbps, NETGEAR Wireless-N, ASUS RT-10 EZ N, ZyXEL X150N, D-Link Wireless N, Buffalo Wireless N150, Belkin Surf. Get the updated details on any of the above routers directly from the manufacturer website. Be sure to check a few of them and compare its features before getting any.

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