Now that you’ve been in college for a month or two, you may have found that some of those gadgets you thought you could live without are essential. With stores across the nation decorating for the holidays, now is the perfect time to create your Christmas wish list. Here are the some of the top gadgets for college students everywhere.


Laptop (or notebook) computers are lightweight and portable making them easy to carry to and from class. Rather than loading your backpack down with a dozen notebooks and texts, carry a laptop full of eBooks and great note taking software. Top brands include Apple, Dell and Asus. The brand you choose will depend solely on your needs and preferences.


If you’ve already installed a desktop computer in your dorm room or apartment, why not opt for an iPad or tablet rather than a laptop. iPads combine all of the best features of the iPod touch with the usability and portability of a laptop. Be sure to include an iPad cover or case on your wish list to protect your gadget.

Desktop Printer

A printer of your own can be a lifesaver. No more having to finish a paper before the library closes and texting a friend begging them to print your paper for you. Reports, term papers and projects are all typical assignments and your professor may very well require that a hard (paper) copy be turned in. Reliable printers are made by HP, Dell, Lexmark and Canon.

Removable Storage

Wary is a student who has worked on a term paper all night, saved it and had a computer virus wreak havoc on their laptop the very next day. USB flash drives, like those offered by SanDisk allow you to save your projects frequently. Pop your flash drive in your back pocket or toss it in your backpack and you have quick access to your saved data no matter where you are.

Coffee Machine

Perfect for those late night cramming sessions, having your own personal coffee maker in your room (if permissible) will make you the most popular student in the dorm. If you like variety in your coffee, try one of the single brewers available from Keurig or Tassimo. Is quantity more important than variety? Opt for a traditional coffee maker from a company like Mr. Coffee.

If you think of yourself as technologically challenged, don’t be frightened by these gadgets. Almost every college or university has a tech department and every dorm invariably houses a student who is tech savvy. Finding help in setting up and operating your gadgets is easy and will have you feeling like a techie in no time!


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