Customer Relation Management Software’s are turning out to be one of the most unavoidable parts of different enterprises. There are many types of CRM systems available in the market today. Most of the companies are spending good amount of money in establishing good customer relationships using these solutions. However just installing and adding information will not give you the expected results. You have made some effective tactics and strategies to make this a big success. From choosing the most suitable solution to its implementation, many things are to be considered.

As you know, the CRM system you are using in your company will have all details about a customer. These documents and information needs to be managed intelligently to avoid data leakage, corruption or misuse. As this information are frequently accessed by your employees and other partners, you must be very careful to ensure the right usage of the sensitive information. Apart from all modern CRM solutions even allow users to access right from mobile locations, this increases the chance of any security issue. Following are some tips which will ensure the safety of your CRM system.

Keep data encrypted

Data encryption is such a technology threw which you can avoid unauthorized persons to access specific data. This technology is used in many new CRM solutions. Ensure that the confidential data stored in your CRM system is kept encrypted. This makes sure that once the data is sent it will reach safely to the recipient without any security issues.

Develop a finely grained role based security

Apart from security issues this is actually a necessity in all companies nowadays. Employees must only access information which they need to perform their work smoothly. Make different classifications among your employees according to their position or roles. Make sure not every employee have the privilege to access all data in your CRM system.

Make your employees aware

From the time of CRM implementation to further progresses, training is one of the most important things you must provide for your customers. Without that they cannot make the most from your CRM implementation. However when talking about the security of the information in your customer relationship management solution, you must be very keen to keep your staff members aware about the necessity of safety measures, so that they can take necessary precautions to avoid unauthorized access or misuse of sensitive data.

Teach them to make strong passwords which contain both alphabets and numeric numbers. Request them not to open any important file from any other third party systems.

Take care of your mobile devices

As part of making different CRM systems more user friendly and effective to the users, many of these solutions consists of facilities which allows the users to access it from smart phones or tablets. Even though it is great advantage to your sales and marketing teams, this increases security threats, as if these devices are stolen or lost all information will be accessible to a third party user. To avoid this make sure you had set good passwords for your devices as well as keep them carefully.

 Provide comprehensive user instructions

The best way is to provide a complete user manual which describes all the function of your CRM system to the users. By this you can avoid all inappropriate usages by your employees to a certain extend.


Simon Johnson currently works for one of the leading developers of CRM systems – WebCRM. The company offers online sales pipeline and contact management solutions.

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