Transform Facebook Profile Into A 3D-Printed MonsterThe most powerful social media, Facebook has started this year with an innovative project! The new era of visualizations are capturing people around the globe with its latest moves. The Creators Project has teamed up and initiated this around 2010 with three artists; art and technology studio Sosolimited, design animation studio Sticky Monster Lab and architecture and design studio SOFTlab to come up with more of a creative funny visual data. The 3D printing service Shapeways breath life into these creative profiles forming 3D printed sculptures. Are you excited to know more?

You could expect a new creative visual treat as the three different artists of different parts of the world join together with 3D Shapeways.  Whoa! won’t it be cool to see our online profile being interpreted in the most creative funny way!

Each experience give life to an unique 3D printable sculpture which could be edited by users from 3D printing magic provided by Shapeways.

Transform Facebook Profile Into A 3D-Printed MonsterThe Facebook printable profile can turn into three unique forms as reviewed. Monster Me could turn out into a tiny monster, Crystallized can interpret your social data more into a crystalline form and the Astroverb which forms out a customized visual horoscope. From the above three or other added concepts you could choose on how the 3D printable sculpture should finally come out.

Here is just brief gist on how it gets created!! The online search engine would first link to your Facebook profile, if suppose you have opted Monster, the shape and color would be decided by your birthday data. It starts creating a tiny virtual monster in your online world. To add more fun, you could create more monster friends with monster sites around the monster you. Make your monster big by introducing it to your Facebook buddies by sharing its photo on your wall and also you could give life to your growing monster using 3D printing service Shapeways. Prices of printing up the 3D sculpture of your beast would vary based on the materials used, though you could get informed of the rates prior.

Are you ready for the dare? There is chance that your monster could be a blood dripping vampire, a cute monster, or any sculpture you couldn’t imagine! So be in track of what you compose on the status bar and other data uploaded in your profile as this could turn into the 3D YOU!

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