The most useful resource which is not perishable! Don’t you think so? Solar energy stands as one among the most useful and efficient resource which can be used with little innovation to bring out excellent results! Solar panels, solar cells, solar exhaust fans, and many solar generated technology is still at work to meet the needs of people. Here comes transparent solar panels to keep your house fresh, clean, ventilated and look more gorgeous!!

Transparent Solar Panels For House.UCLA Solar Panel For House

UCLA has brought a wide range of solar technology into existence for the past few years. These powerful solar windows are new generation products of the new era! This is the latest product to launch soon to make your house a real powerful one. This is ultimately transparent about 70% and gathers little amount of infra-red rays with the designed photoactive plastic cells. The most interesting point to be noted is, these are available at affordable rates for all.

Transparent Solar Panels For House.LumiWall Solar Glass Panel 

It truly makes your home a heaven to live in! The roof will appear like a shaded glass by day and by night gets changed to an array of crystallized white LEDs. Thin solar panels inside the glass does this magic. The principle is like a transparent battery or charger getting charged by the sunlight during daytime. It doesn’t make your house an energy reservoir rather gives an amazing look throughout evening.

Transparent Solar Panels For House.DOE’s Thin Energy Generating Solar Films

The DOE Brookhaven National Laboratory joined hand with Los Alamos National Laboratory for bringing up this latest technology into reality. Thin transparent solar film or panels embedded on the windows does produce renewable electricity just by absorbing the powerful sun rays.  The semi-conducting material with carbon compounds does this trick. This makes the transparent windows great and efficient in producing energy.

Transparent Solar Panels For House.SunRun Solar Panel

SunRun’s latest start up project was transparent solar panels for roofing and for windows. These panels generates useful energy by converting the sunlight which falls on it. These panels helps in producing enough amount of electricity for the house with the help of renewable source making your house a great place to reside.

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