Confession pages have recently become a trend on Facebook and other social network sites. Most of the colleges have a confession pages that are administered by the  students themselves. Usually for a Facebook comment it requires a users name  but in a confession page anyone can post anything anonymously and only the administrator of the page will know the identity of the person uploading the post. Students are just pouring  their hearts out to love failures, canteen food, torturing teachers, examination fears and the naughty, nasty side of sex.  Confession pages have it’s own advantages and disadvantages.

It gives a platform for the students to share their grievances openly without any fear of their identity to be revealed. These confession pages often gives a great relief for students who suffer with depression or some other disorders. There are instances when classmates often respond with links to counseling sites and tips to overcome it. Apart from that it even enable the authority to take an action, for instance if there is a problem caused for a student due to an unfriendly library staff or if something happens in the canteen, then it can be brought to the notice of the authority especially the student union. There is a chance for the problem to get solved if someone notice the comment and take an action against it.

However there are only few who use confession page for a worthy cause, most often what happens in such pages is that the students are simply posting sexually explicit content about their school or college mates and teachers. Cyber Crime Cell has recently issued notices to the administrators of many confession pages to remove all the objectionable comment. There are even instances where the admin simply post fake confession to take revenge if they hate someone.

A renowned Psychiatrist Dr Harish Shetty says,  “such forums, which are so easy to misuse, can damage the society. “It can be a torture for those named, especially women who are easy targets on such forums,”

There are also confession pages that are well handled by students to get the funny part and to cherish the memories which they get only once in their lifetime.

Rupa Roy, principal of a wellknown school in central Mumbai, said confession pages should be supervised better instead of being banned.

She said, “My school has a confession page which my colleagues and I scan through regularly. In fact, one of the teachers is also on the group. The aim is to maintain a page that is funny, but not derogatory or abusive.”

If the administrators are properly gate keeping the comments then these pages can be definitely be used for a worthy cause and there won’t be any ban for such pages. So just decide what you want!

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Yogitha, loves to write, on just about anything. Realising her passion not too late in life, she managed to complete her Masters in Communication from Women's Christian College, Chennai. Currently, she works as a Technical Writer with Cognizant. A complete 'sitcom buff'', her current must see list has 'The Big Bang Theory' right on top!

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