We are on the way to Wagamon. I am writing this post from our Car. You know how I am getting internet? Yes we are going in our Wifi enabled car with internet connection. All of us are using our laptops. We started 1 hour back we reached Kollam now. We need to meet one of the friend here.

Hope we will get the range for internet connection everywhere. As Wagamon hill station is a tourist destination I hope we can enjoy internet there. I had experienced some sort of internet connection issues, may be due to the tower switching. Anyway I am browsing the internet without much hurdle.

The trip

We have a presentation at peerumedu Engineering college tomorrow afternoon. We will leave to Wagmon after the presentation. Will stay at the hill station tomorrow night and will come back day after. Will update you the news from Wagamon. Oh the time is approaching 10PM its time for me to sleep.

Next day.

We had the seminar at MBC college and we started to Wagamon the place is really cool. But the main problem is no network connection for Airtel and Vodafone. So we were not able to call. BSNL connection was there but the signal strength was not good. We tried to connect to internet several times but we didn’t get the connection there. But we got some signal and we finally connected from the top of the hill. My friend is a travel blogger he will describe about the trip in his travel blog.

Yes the connection is here man.

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2 comments on “Trip to Wagamon

  1. TheAnand on said:

    pretty neat solution this wifi internet in car is for sure!!! I was thinking of satellites and stuff when I wanted internet on my vehicle!

  2. Hmm. That sounds too techie 😉
    But dont understand the concept at all. May be coz of the techie words. Its cool any way. 🙂