As a businessperson it really is essential to be on the ball at all times throughout the day. Businessmen and women should have ready access to a range of different matters relating to their businesses regardless of where they are or what accessories they have on them. Furthermore, the introduction of apps and mobile technology means that smartphones can play a major role in the running and administration of a business. For such reasons there is no excuse for not turning your smartphone into the perfect business accessory. Here are a few apps that will help you do that.


Entrepreneurs will tell you of the great frustration felt when forgetting an idea. For an entrepreneur, ideas can be money, and to forget something that’s potentially financially worth something is near self-unforgiveable.

One of the most convenient features of smartphones is that they allow you to record and store vital information. Evernote take things a step further than most note-taking software and apps, through its sheer convenience and simplicity to use.

Through Evernote text, voice notes and photos can be stored and organized with ease. What’s more is that they can also be shared through email and social media, which is neat if you’re part of a joint venture.

Turn Your Smartphone Into A Business Accessory


The gathering and distribution of data is a necessary and common occurrence for many businesspersons. FormMobi’s app makes this easily possible on any smartphone device. The app allows you to make CAD-quality sketches, collect signatures, record audio and take photos.

See FormMobi as a digital clipboard that also allows you to fill out forms wherever you may be and boasts a fantastic level of efficience.


All businesspeople will tell you of how difficult it can be managing expenses. This is particularly the case for those of us who aren’t mathematicians or part-time accountants. Expensify makes what is known to be hard for many people, easy.

Keeping track of business mileage and expenses, Expensify also allows users to scan and upload receipts, which can be filed. To make it even more convenient and useful for businesspeople, financial reports can be shared with employers.

Outreachr Software

The importance of digital marketing cannot be underestimated when it comes to modern businesses. In fact, many businesses will testify that digital marketing is the single most important aspect of their marketing, advertising and promotion.

A key part of digital marketing lies in blogging and in particular guest blogging. It all ties in with search engine optimization (improving your search engine rankings) and improving your online presence.Turn Your Smartphone Into A Business Accessory

In order to succeed in guest blogging you need to find a relevant website to your business by which you can post your articles. Outreachr isn’t an app, but software that can be used on your phone; and it crawls the web for the details and contact information of websites and blogs relevant to the keyword you enter into the software.

All you’ll have to do next is contact those people and enquire to see if they’ll be interested in posting your articles. It’s all about networking and Outreachr allows you to do this to perfection.

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