Gmail provide functionality to add gadgets to spice up your mailbox. I am going to explain how can you integrate a twitter client in gmail.

Before going to the steps to add twitter client, let me explain a AJAX based twitter client called TwitterGadget. The TwitterGadget is an twitter client which works from a browser with a user defined refreshing interval.

Step 1

Click on the labs icon on the top right of your gmail inbox.

Step 2

Enable gmail add gadget in option.

Check the radio button that shows label “Enable”, and click “Save Changes” button the bottom of the window.

Step 3

Select the gadget tab in the setting page.

Step 4

Enter the URL for twitter gadget and then click button “Add”.


Yes you are done adding TwitterGadget into your gmail. The client will be enabled in your email box soon after login into the twitter client.

Your TwitterGadget in your mail box.

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