Twitter is a efficient tool to spread messages to your followers, even we can spread ideas. But twitter lacks to share rich media contents like music videos etc.

Blip is here with twitter concept with rich media sharing. You can follow what your friends listening right now.

Like twitter we can listen what your friends listening right now. There is no need of reloading the page, as it use flash based player. The player will load the songs what your friends currently listening. The attractive feature is that we don’t need to upload instead we can search our favorite musics at Blip that are loaded from skreemr, Fuzz and some other music serving sites. The Blip is from its parent company, Fuzz exclusively for those who love music and create music. Blip will create genuine identity among music crowd inasmuch twitter have the same idea for broadcasting precise ideas.

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One comment on “Twitter like tool for music :- Blip

  1. Open carnival!!! Hmm pretty good, good sharing tool.

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