Does typing in your mother tongue encourages you in getting more close to your buddies to express your voice out? Gmail, which comes up daily with different trendy innovations has given way to type or compose your email in the language you like using input tools like transliteration.

Google has come with more than 100 languages to make typing much exciting. So now its time to start composing emails in desired languages like Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Malayalam, etc. The letter you type phonetically in English will automatically change into the language opted by you. Let’s start up the transliteration tool!

First let’s enable the input tools in Gmail!

Log in to your Gmail account. Can you see the gear icon on the top right corner of the screen? Click on it. It shows a drop down menu, from that click settings.Type in your language in Gmail using Transliteration

There comes the settings page! You could see many tabs and out of that click on the general tab. Can you see the language section? Yeah underneath it you could check the checkbox of enable input tools.

But some accounts may not show this enable input tools option first. Don’t worry, instead you could see show all language options in the language section. Click on to show all language options link to make enable input tools visible.Type in your language in Gmail using Transliteration

Input tools titled window appears on the screen. Now select and double click the input tool option along with the language from all input tools section which you want to use in mailing. This takes you to selected input tools section. You can choose multiple input tools and arrange them with language using up and down keys.

Once you are done with selecting the right input tool and language, click OK to close the open window.

Its time to click save changes button which you see at the bottom of Gmail settings page.

Start composing mail with the type of input tool and the language you have opted for. The time you wish to use the language, turn on input tool on the toggle option which you could see at the top right corner apparently next to gear icon! Toggle on the right input tool you have opted for the language. Transliteration input tool converts the phonetically typed alphabets into the desired language!

Type in your language in Gmail using Transliteration

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