Today some of friends experienced some stability issues with gmail. All most all function are showing us undefined. All members in the chat list appeared as undefined. When I tried to IM my friend the chat is not received to my friend instead an yellow color displayed there. The main problem experienced was he can’t send email to anyone. An email service without mail sending facility 🙁 what anomaly?

Gmail chat list.

Gmail mail composing window.

I guess gmail in newer version is not much stable as before. A lot of bugs are there with the newer version of gmail. Team gmail will fix the bugs as soon as they can else it will adversely affect the popularity of gmail. The yahoo mail new version is pretty fast now a days than before. Wake up gmail team fix the problem or revert the solution to some stable version for the time being.


1) Switching your gmail to older version.

2) Disable greasemonkey script called Gmail Conversation Preview. (Thanks Matt, Kenly, Patric and everyone those who found the a resolution)

3) Use different Browser.

4) Disable Better gmail.

Alternative solution is to use some other mail service for some time 🙂 , by the time Team gmail will fix it.

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29 comments on “undefined gmail

  1. Kenley Neufeld on said:

    Another solution that I have used is to use another browser. No problems in Flock or IE. The undefined error only appears in Firefox 3 for me; how about you?

  2. David on said:

    Having similar problem here, Firefox 3.0 on Mac. when composing email, “To” autofill from contacts is all “undefined”, and “send” button doesn’t work at all!

    No problems using Safari.
    Never had this kind of trouble with Firefox and Gmail before….

  3. davidthew on said:

    I have the same problem. However, I booted up my wife’s laptop and got in with no trouble. She does not have the latest version of OS X.

  4. Niyaz PK on said:

    They will fix it soon . Right?
    What is the point in switching?

  5. Prasad on said:

    I have also been experiencing the same problem… It’s happening only in Firefox (Not all). In other browsers( checked in IE), it seems to be working fine.. hope Gmail team rectify this problem soon..

  6. Sanil S on said:

    @Kenley even with Firefox 2 the problem is there. You are right using another browser is another solution

  7. TheAnand on said:

    This is precisely why I keep saying Yahoo! Mail Rocks!!!! Google cannot provide the reliability that yahoo with its years of experience in mail services…..

    Gmail can take a hike. Wonder how corporates and business can do wit this bug!!!!


  8. jameslh on said:

    I’m getting this in firefox 2 – i’ll switch to ie6 for now but won’t do this forever

  9. Matt on said:

    Same thing here, but I fixed it. I disabled the ‘Gmail Label Colors’ script in Greasemonkey. Hope this helped.

  10. Oh my god,
    I have not started facing this yet. I pray not to start.

  11. someone now defined on said:

    I have the latest updated version of OS X, using the latest Firefox. Same issue, “undefined” as mention in the posts (above). I switched to the “older version” of Gmail which resolved the problem. I did not have this “undefined” issue on my mac book pro. Weirdness. I love Gmail and am confident the support people will fix it…hopefully soon, however, surprised that I haven’t seen anything from them about this. A little more information regarding “current technical problems” would be nice. I mean, they offer all these neat “labs”, so why not keep us up to date with some of the bugs they’re remedying. I’m just wondering why this started out of the blue… “undefined” b.s.

  12. Kenley Neufeld on said:

    SOLUTION for undefined gMail problem was greasemonkey script called “Gmail Conversation Preview” – disable this.

  13. Patrick on said:

    It’s the greasemonkey extension for me. I have been troubleshooting this off and on for the last day.

    I uninstalled all my extensions and functionality returned. Added them all in one by one. As soon as I added Greasemonkey, all of the problems returned. As soon as I removed it, functionality was restored.


  14. baws on said:

    Hi, you might had better gmail 1 add-on on your firefox. I got 2 better gmail add-ons, seems like silly, but i uninstall the version 1, let the version 2 alone, then gmail went just fine

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  16. bollista on said:

    SOLUTION 2: I disebled all gmail related greasemonkey script. My gmail is working again.

  17. Sajith M.R on said:

    First of all , Dont Play with Gmail 🙂

    I also had the “undefind error” problem . But i solved it simply 🙂 The problem was only with mozilla. I used Better Gmail Plugin in Mozilla. When i Disabled it, the problem solved. I found this error in My Friend Sarath System also. He had also better gmail plugin installed.

    So disable any plugins which interpolate our strong GMAIL. And Enjoy Mailing

    Sajith M.R
    Technology Consultant

  18. TheAnand on said:

    I do not think this is a issue with browsers like firefox or opera or even ie for that matter….as most people complaining are using different environs.

    Yahoo! Rock!! 😉

  19. Helen on said:

    I disabled GreaseMonkey and still had the problem but when I disabled BetterGmail 1, viola! Thanks!


  20. Kris on said:

    disabling the ‘GMail Label Colors’ script in Greasemonkey did the trick for me. thank you!

  21. Kris on said:

    (to add to that, I had already uninstalled a bunch of add-ons, including some mentioned in previous reader’s comments – the final fix did appear to be the ‘GMail Label Colors’ script though)

  22. someone now defined on said:

    GOOD! Uninstalling Better Gmail fixed the problem. I can now use the newer version of gmail and all my contacts are now listed rather than being “undefined”.


  23. yup just confirmed if your running sum gmail scripts with greasemonkey or better gmail it causes this undefined problem! fixed it for me!!

    cheers for all the tips and help here!!!

  24. norah on said:

    I solved it by going to Tools – Add-ons- disable add-ons.

  25. Murthy on said:

    I saw this issue too on firefox3 on Mac.

    I was able to send emails when i detached the compose mail to a new window.


  26. domeboy on said:

    I disabled the Gmail Conversation Preview under BetterGmail and this resolved the issue for me.

  27. Fashion Photography on said:

    I found that disabling the “colored labels script” that I was running solved the UndefinedX problem.

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  29. rascaldizzee on said:

    Pligg ftw, the new version really rocks but themes are so hard to find…

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