Logitech Harmony oneEvery home would carry with it an assortment of music and entertainment systems and gadgets. Now all of these would have with them their own remote controls and when we have a set of entertainment devices installed, naturally the number of remotes we got to use would increase. All these remotes on your living or on your couch is to do nothing but to add clutter, and a greater possibility that you find any of it missing. When its not possible not to have or use anyone of those, how can we find a fix to the clutter. Universal remote controls is the answer. You don’t have to grab every remote you have, but instead use just one to control it all. Here are the best of universal remote controllers reviewed.

Logitech Harmony One

Harmony Ones comes with an easy setup software, touch enabled LED screen and the design it got, sleek and highly ergonomic. Comes with backlit buttons and a charging station to find power for its built in Li ion battery. The device setup is quite easy, its web based and could take up control of up to 15 devices at a time. Even that it got this much of capabilities, it lacks a radio frequency functionality and that means no control over devices in other rooms on in close cabinets. Priced @ $140.

Logitech Harmony 900

Logitech Harmony 900

This one product is even more advanced to the first one we discussed, the Harmony One. The inability to handle devices in other rooms or in closed cabinets we see with Harmony One is addressed here. Dual feature of Harmony makes it possible. It make us of IR and Radio frequency the same time. Web based setup, handles up to 15 devices at the same time, comes with dedicated Blu ray button. Priced @ $230.


Digital R 50



Digital R 50
This one we have here got all functions needed for an universal remote device, and comes with an affordable price tag. Ability to control up to 18 devices a time and that is 3 devices more than what Harmony can handle. No computer set up needed, the device is pre programed and this internal wizard is displayed on your color screen.
Priced @ $75.

Philips TSU 9600Philips TSU 9600

This one device bridges the gap between an universal remote controller and a fully integrated home controller device. Full touch enabled controllers, much functionality and elaborate customization capabilities. Price is really much when compared to the other products we discussed here, but when there are lot universal remote controller devices around, this one we have here got is more than what any other device could offer. Priced@ $2,500.

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