Good news Skype users!!!, they have recently introduced a unlimited plan for just $9.95. User can call internationally to 34 countries world wide. I am sure this will spurn all providers in this arena. You can now call to your relatives all over the world by spending $9.95.

Hold on, like all other providers, Skype also have some hidden things in the unlimited plan. It is not actually unlimited, restricted around to 10000 minutes. I think its more than enough for international calls for a month. Actually the cost is $12.25/month, but if you purchase a package for 3 or 12 months you will offered a 33% discount. The offer is valid till June 1′st 2008. So hurry up and grab this offer.

Skype already merchandised their products all over US and Canada. How ever still lagging very much behind in Indian markets, where the real tech geeks and internet enthusiast resides. Yes this plan is not applicable for Indians :-( .

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Sanil S Founding member of MobMe Wireless Pvt Ltd, Ayruz Web Holdings

2 comments on “Unlimited international calls from skype

  1. Robin Thomas on said:

    Great news….. India itself is not on the list…. nor is
    Dubai (UAE), Kuwait, Oman….

    Even skype is aware of the virus of “Gulf malayalees…”

  2. Hahaha.. the previous comment sounds good. :-)
    But I think some of my friends here in UAE are using this, i donno how and some others using the Yahoo (think UAE started putting ban on such things).

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