USB Pet Rock and Its Story When we hear USB pet rock, at least some of us would retrospect to the pet rock from the past. But for many, still they will think what the new USB pet rock or the pet rock of the past is. So here goes the story. Back in the 70’s when Gary Dhal heard from his friends the complaints about their pets. It struck him the perfect “pet”: and that would be nothing but a rock.

Now that a rock would never need or have demands like any pet would do, no feeding, no need to be walked, no grooming, and yes it wont die out. Even that he said to his friends jokingly, about the perfect pet, he took this idea serious and worked on it and soon came up with an instruction manual for a pet rock! Manual carried with it nothing but plays, gags and puns. Nothing like anyone thought to be, Dahl made a fortune out of this idea of his, he sold over a million and half pet rocks.

New version of pet rock, the USB pet rock is the revamp of the classic. Comes with a USB cable attached just like a tail to your pet rock. Just like the old version, this one as well needs no care, feeding, walking or grooming. Available to purchase online with most premium gift retailers. Now that your pet draws no power from your computer, technically, it’s no feeding and its compatible with Windows/ Linux/ Mac.

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