vlc-win32Video sites are getting lots of popularity these days. Today I am going to explain how to set up video streaming for a conference or any events. We can use open source application VLC player for this. The main advantage using VLC player is the application is open source, support most of the video formats, moreover the application works well with most of the operating systems which include Windows, Linux, Mac OSx etc.  Download VLC player for your operating system.

Now I will explain the steps to stream video online.


1) VLC Player

2) Video Camera (to shoot conference and or event)

3) Camera connector to your server system. (May be some USB cable from camera to the system)

4) High speed Internet connection (If you want to stream through internet) with a good up link capacity.

5) If possible a static IP so that the IP can be used by clients

6) VLC player supporting operating system mentioned above.


1) After installing VLC player in your operating system (check all components while installing), open the application. Normally you can browse the application from the start menu with the path like this(Start Menu->All Programs(Program Files)->VideoLAN) if you are using windows.

2) Click on the file menu, select menu item called “Wizard”. Select the radio button that shows “Stream to Network” and click “Next” button.

3) On the next window you will be prompted with a window to select stream. You can either use a file to stream or if it is live conference select the camera input from the Window. You can select the camera input from the tab “DirectShow” or from disc or even from network. Click OK button and then “Next” button.


4) Select HTTP radio and enter your static IP address in the “Destination” textfield and then select “Next” that will prompt you file format. Select the default format that may be either ASF if you are windows or MPEG or something if you are using some other operating system. Click next and fill in the TTL field as 1 and click “Finish” to complete the streaming server installation and configuration.


Open a new instance of VLC player. Click on the file menu and select Open Network Stream’. On the dialog that shows up, select the ‘HTTP/HTTPS/..’ radio button on ‘Network’ tab and enter ‘IPAddress:8080’ in the edit box beside it . Click ‘OK’.

Embedding the video into a web page.

Create a simple HTML page and deploy it in some web server that can handle it online. On the HMTL page enter the HTML below.

<embed type="application/x-vlc-plugin"
         autoplay="no" loop="yes" width="400" height="300"
         target="http://localhost:8080" />
<br />
  <a href="javascript:;" onclick='document.video1.play()'>Play video1</a>
  <a href="javascript:;" onclick='document.video1.pause()'>Pause video1</a>
  <a href="javascript:;" onclick='document.video1.stop()'>Stop video1</a>
  <a href="javascript:;" onclick='document.video1.fullscreen()'>Fullscreen</a>

The will also stream the same video through a web page.

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12 comments on “How to Stream Video of your conference or event(s) online using VLC Player?

  1. this is good. I was looking for it actually 🙂
    Thanks man

  2. I need a help ,am implementing video conferencing .My reference is your article. in your article you mentioned that
    ” 2) Click on the file menu, select menu item called “Wizard”. Select the radio button that shows “Stream to Network” and click “Next” button. ”
    I can not find ssuch option in VLC player so pllease help in that

    thanking you


  3. Sanil S on said:

    which VLC player are you using?

  4. Le The Quy on said:

    i’m too
    ” 2) Click on the file menu, select menu item called “Wizard”. Select the radio button that shows “Stream to Network” and click “Next” button. ”
    I can not find ssuch option in VLC player so pllease help in that

    i used VLC 0.9.4 for ubuntu

  5. Sanil S on said:

    Hello Le The Quy,

    Check other menu option that contain “Wizard” sometime it may be on other menu…

  6. TheAnand on said:

    Hey, can we use this for the barcamp live streams? 😀 How much bandwidth will it suck up?

  7. Sanil S on said:

    Yeah we can 512 Kbps is enough I guess.

  8. Jack Gill on said:


    I need some consulting help with streaming via VLC. Are you available? Contact me through my email. Thanks.
    Jack Gill
    Loveland CO USA

  9. Taoufik on said:


    Many thanks for this explanation about video streaming.

    I have a question?

    Could I use my built-in webcam and mic to establish a video conference between two PC connected straightly with Ethernet cable (without switching device).

    I will be appreciated if you provide a solution for this issue.



  10. hi Sanil,
    Which version of VLC were you using cos I have just downloaded vlc 1.0.3 and am unable to find the wizard option in the interface.

  11. Sanil S on said:

    I was using 1.0.1 GoldenEye

  12. Martha on said:

    Cool post. I really like your idea and i think it would be useful for my projects.

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