Unlike other operating system Windows vista is notorious in its performance. There are lot of performance issues with Windows Vista, which includes memory and network performance. I had experienced lots of performance issue; most annoying problem is the network speed. I found out some interesting mechanism to improve TCP network performance. This uses the Window resize of the TCP packet to improve network speed. I already discussed lots memory improvement techniques for Vista in my blog.

The Proc

You need an administrative privilege, Make sure to run your command prompt as administrator. Right click in the command prompt, which shows a menu item called “Run as Administrator”, and of course the path of the command prompt is Start –> All Programs –> Accessories, Command. Type in your command prompt following command.

netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disable

This will resize TCP window, their by more data on single request from the network. After restarting the system you can experience a considerable improvement in the network performance. If you are not experiencing the speed difference try to un-do the above configuration. You can use “netsh interface tcp set global autotuninglevel=normal“, remember to do this command again in administrator level.

Thanks to minasi.

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4 comments on “Tune up Windows Vista Internet Speed

  1. The best way to tuneup vista is to replace it with TinyVista…It makes vista as fast as XP or even better….

  2. TheAnand on said:

    with my 3GB RAM…i think these kinda tweaks can wait ;)

  3. Psylent on said:

    vista performs great with a couple tweaks . 6GB ram here and i still tweak vista, if it can be faster why not make it so :P

  4. Tweaks 4 Pc on said:

    Nice article. And I like how you made it so easy to follow how to do the various tips. One can really notice a difference in the performance in Windows after doing these tips. Thanks for sharing!

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