In this fast pace of life, it’s very necessary for you to go with the wind, to be more systematic and productive. If you are a proud smartphone owner, don’t worry there are many applications which helps you in becoming a more productive person. Here are a few examples of applications that helps you to increase your productivity given below:


Evernote is a free application available for most of the smartphones. You can use it to save your notes in the form of text, photograph, voice or a handwritten ink note. You can even set reminders to get it done on time without any fail.


This is a great application that enables you to  scan pages and save them as PDFs on your smartphone. You can check the pages that you save any time.


This is a latest application that makes your typing experience much easier.  You can  input text faster and in  more easier way on any screen. This application is only available for android, symbian and iPhones.


This is an application that gives a business professional access to  projects, messages, to-do lists etc. You can create multiple boards for different projects and you can even forward it to your team members. You need to prioritize tasks as well.


By making use of this application you can use your smartphone camera to scan documents. You can crop the pages just like the way you want and the image will be processed to a higher quality. By this way you can sent a contract, a receipt or some other important documents in full colour to your staff or clients  even when you are travelling.

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