Use Your Handwriting® is a free handwriting app for iPhone and iPad. It allows you to write down messages and notes in your own handwriting itself.

This app has a handwriting engine that provides you a smooth writing and drawing experience that you can ever experience on a touch device.

The best part is that you can even make variations in darkness and thickness. This application allows you to write with the best handwriting that you have ever seen from your own hand. There are five different writing styles in this application.

You can also prepare handwritten application, for example you have prepared a grocery list and set an alarm so that it wakes you up at the correct time to remind you even if the app is not active. There is no word limit and you can write as much as you wish and the app will automatically fit your note onto the screen. There is also another attractive fact about this application, you can send email, facebook and twitter your artistic notes in multi colors or with illustrious Rainbow Ink.

You can cut, copy, paste and sent this notes via MMS as well. Apart from that you can even publish your notes as web pages and see them online. You can toggle easily between lists with two finger swipes. You can write in landscape mode and comes with an option to auto-scroll when you reach the end of the note. Usually this GOLD version of handwriting note app comes at $6.99 but right now it’s available free of cost. It was charted to be in the #11 list of iTunes Top Free iPhone Apps last week. It is a must have application for all i Phones and iPads as who don’t wish to add a personal touch to each and every piece of writing.

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