All are going into web based. Today I found an application which is a web based operating system eyeOS. We can sync our documents with eyeOS provided an account @ eyeOS. After syncing the documents we can use the operating system from any place we don’t need to carry our laptop or desktop. The concept is, you can sync your personal files in your PC to eyeOS thus you can access your file anywhere from the world.

The software used for synchronization is called eyeSync which allow us to synchronize different folders and files in your PC. The eyeSync is available for almost all popular operating systems, Mac OS X (Tiger/PPC and Leopard/Intel) and Linux (in deb and source/targz), Windows XP and Vista.

The concept

The main concept is to avoid carrying your own laptop or personal computer anywhere. Even without your PC you can access your personal files anywhere, what you need is just a browser and an account @ eyeOS.

Main features.

The eyeOS have almost all applications for our daily need. PIM applications, Word processor, notebook, file management, games, email client, system manager, desktop etc.

The eyeOS targets both user segment and also the developer segment.

Developer community can also develop applications for eyeOS, developers can develop web application, applications etc using eyeOS toolkit.

Lots of applications are available for eyeOS.

eyeOS 1.6 Gala Sync is the latest release of the operating system, the operating system is cool however there are couple of bugs, I believe the operating system is in its infant stage. eyeOS basic idea is to bring work and entertainment into a single place. The eyeOS is Open Source, licensed under the GNU Affero Public License version 3, So you can use it for free and even you can customize it according to your requirements but you need to publish the code to the community. Have a look @ my desktop image below.

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4 comments on “Web based operating system :- eyeOS

  1. Is it like we have to upload our files to this server? Or should v have a dedicated server with all our files?

  2. admin on said:

    Files in your PC can be synced with eyeOS so that you can use personal files anywhere by login into the server.

  3. is an eyeOS service offering free 1GB storage for all your files!

  4. ravishankar on said:

    but max upload file size is just 2 mb.

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