What is Magic Jack

MagicJack is a communications device which allows users to make calls to almost any phones in the whole USA and Canada and that too in a very cheap rate. This device looks more like larger USB flash drive and it also works in the similar manner. You can plug them into the USB port of the computer, this device also uses the standard RJ-11 Jack which can be used for plugging any kind of standard telephone.

Magic jack provides VoIP service in cooperation with the telecommunications giant, YMAX Corporation in entire USA and Canada and no other service has been able to match the features provided by MajicJack. For a normal user, magicjack is just like a normal telephone, having all the features like caller ID, call waiting, call conferencing, call forwarding, voice mails etc.

What makes it different from telephones is that you can direct the voice mails which are coming to you to be sent to your email id’s which you can save in them, free of cost long distance calling, the convenience for taking your majicjack with you anywhere in the world without worrying about roaming charges and all and make phone calls using nothing but high speed internet connection without need for having an actual telephone.

For owning and using a magic jack device, you will need to spend just $19.95 for a year.
The initial purchase will be costing around $39 because it includes the price of magic
jack device which comes around $20 and also the one year service charge which is
mentioned above. For the coming years, you will have to pay only the service charge,
this is indeed the very cheapest VoIP service which enables you to call anywhere in US
and Canada at a really nominal rate which comes to only $1.66 for a month.

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