Vine is a smart app that helps you to record videos from your smartphone  in segments or all at once. You can record a  6 second long video, you can record it in  short moments and upload it directly to the internet. You can start and stop recording by simply tapping on your screen, by doing so you can create many  interesting stop-motion animations. After making a video you can either save it in your phone or  upload it to vine, twitter. There is even an option to share it in twitter and Facebook at the same time. Using this application, you can easily capture motion and sound and share it with  your friends and family.

Vine is often referred to as twitter’s new “Instagram of video” for  it’s excellent features like speed and clarity.

Videos on Vine are recorded at 480×480 using the H264 codec. The frame rate will vary according to your device and lighting conditions, but usually comes in the range 22-30 FPS.

Instead of posting photos, you can upload some interesting animated clips using Vine to social networking sites which is something really unique about this application.

Though vine videos are short, they’re still  longer when compared to GIFs. Another good thing is that as it fit’s in a stream, you can move on to the next video instead of staring to the same video again and again. All your actions can be uploaded in a pure and lively form which makes it fascinating.

Even  musicians can make use of this application to record shots taken in studio and backstage. You can even record your practice sessions, who knows it might go viral too. You can share your day to day life and important events to your fans using this application.

You can even share your videos to sites like tumblr and other free blogging sites, it will allow many users from all across the globe to visit your page.

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