I was into a discussion with my colleague what succeeds finally whether branding or money making. He is very much talkative and his opinion is branding succeeds, but i am against it. I am doing business mainly because i need money. Finally i decided to do some investigation about it. Let me try what online people say about it. I used google trends for data collection what people searches. The result was very much interesting.

branding money making


This is what i got from google trends. So in the late 2004 people use to give more importance for branding, but the trend is changing, the money making and branding have same importance now ?. This is a general trend okay.

Lets differentiate the searches accordingly upon people from developed countries and developing countries. For example india a developing country and UK, US developed ones.

branding money making


The above results what people looking in india, a developing country. So is there any point that business in developing countries give more importance for branding ?

branding money making


The data of developed country US. They give more importance to money making. But they are also giving importance to branding.

branding money making

viz3.pngThe people from UK, where the real business happening. Yes they give more importance for money making than branding. In the late 2004 they people searches only about branding.

What i got from the data is developing countries give more importance for branding than developed countries. So is there any sense in giving more importance for branding in startup companies ?. This is a question, i am not able to answer cos only pioneers can give the answer.

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Sanil S Founding member of MobMe Wireless Pvt Ltd, Ayruz Web Holdings

14 comments on “What succeeds finally branding or money making ?

  1. What a nonsense calculation sanil. You are comparing money making keyword searching with branding keyword seaching. How can you calculate the searching with real barnading of company and real money making.

    In web world normal people search for how can i make money from net, or any organization. Very less people search for how can i brand a company or a product. This is the actual conclution of your observation

    {[By admin:], I am asking a question not making any conclusion about the start up companies. And about the searching you are saying people search more on how to make money right ? but you can observe the graph and you can see that people search more about branding }

    How can you conclude like this: ” So is there any sense in giving more importance for branding in startup companies ? ” by compairing normal keyword searching trend. Use common sense yaar.

  2. Dear,
    According to me there are 4 stages for business cycle(optimistic cycle).
    1 = Initial Stage(Budding stage).
    2=Developing Stage
    3=Developed Stage
    4=Super Imposed Stage.

    During the budding stage importance is for Branding, thats what we saw in the graph of Developing countries.
    In the developing stage, the RED and BLUE plays equal role, giving more importance to branding than the real money making.
    In the developed stage, branding is still in height where money making is always in equalance with branding.
    In the Super Imposed stage, thats the critical and so called turning point,business can be pointed on guaranteed Money making or Branding or both at the same time with equal importance or one high and other less. This particular stage in business decides the life or lifetime of business(one can easily calculate the time of existance).
    So, conclusion is, Branding is important in rank wise than Money making, but still, without money making there is no expansion. 🙂

  3. Sanil, try to find out, is LOVE or SEX better ? from google keyword trend calculation on different countries…. 🙂

  4. TheAnand on said:

    I always believe in branding…but you shud have the money coming in anyways if the brand has to stay….so both have the same importance as far as i am concerned.

    What an idea mann… please putin images too…
    According to me,
    in the budding stage Love is good.
    In the developing stage Love has more importance, with less importance to Sex.
    In the developed stage, ooops, sex is over and it is developing. So Love can either win or loose, any way the charad is hanged around ur neck.
    In the superimposed stage, no raksha mann… Nee aappilaayi…
    So Love can be safer with safest sex. 🙂
    Conclusion:- Watch good advertisements, that is place where business focus BRANDING.

  6. SYTHHinte utharam ZINDABAD

  7. If you ask me, its neither branding nor money making at the end of the day. What is key is value innovation : when there is a definite value at a compelling price, it is on course to success..

  8. Having said that everything has its own significance. Branding and Money making have its own importance. Both are necessary but not sufficient for business success is the crux of my view on the same

  9. Hiii,I give more importance to branding than money making. Today for start up companies branding is the essential factor needed.I said so because the main aim of the start up companies is to make good profit.Companies are the part of the business.The goal of the business is to make money.For making money from starting itself good branding is essential.As from the graph itself we understood that for a developing dountry branding is needed.LikeWise for developing company also branding is the essential thing needed.But the developed company give more importance to money making than branding.So my conclusion is branding is more important than money making.

  10. Hmmm..I think there was some other discussion to which this post is based – which i have no clue about. Success of a company ( startup or not ) depends on value that it creates – and value at many times depends on the eye of the beholder. It depends a lot on which industries the discussion is all about.

  11. Hello Sanjay..

    There was no such discussion. I am trying to collect what right people can say about it.

  12. This link might be helpful -> http://elmerse.prblogs.org/page/3/

  13. So visioning the IPO market we should mold company accordingly whether its startup or not. Am i right sanjay ?

  14. Charlei Miller on said:

    Could not agee with you more..

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