Is your television older than five years old? Are you finding problems such as a poor reception or no digital TV signal being received? If so it might be time to leave the past behind you and invest in a new set for your living room. Televisions have progressed and if you still have a CRT set or are yet to own a OLED, LED, Smart TV or Ultra HD set you are really missing out. Spending time watching movies and TV shows in the home with the family is something most of us enjoy. So treat the family to something that everyone will appreciate and get a lot of use from.

Venturing into the World of 3D

Buying a 2D television isn’t your only option these days, 3D is now here and could be in your own living room. You can watch all sorts of shows and movies in 3D and have a whole new experience without having to head to your local 3D cinema and be seen wearing those glasses in public.   If you are not into 3D you can rule this option off your search list but if you want something a little more cutting edge it could be worth seeing what 3D television are in your budget.What To Look For In Your New Digital TV

Passive or Active 3D

If you are sold on the idea of watching immersive 3D TV you’ll have two choices. You can buy passive or active 3d sets. Passive works in a similar way to cinemas, there are two images that are shown at the same time on the screen and polarised glasses help you to produce the 3 dimensional effect by correcting the image for both eyes. You get a great picture but each eye only gets to see half the resolution as they are both sharing the same screen.  The glasses are cheaper and if you are shopping on a budget or have many family members passive 3D will work out cheaper.

Active 3D will cost you more but if you want the best of the best it is the right choice for you. The glasses used to watch active 3D are powered LCD lenses. The lenses block the eyes independently in synchronisation with the screen that alternatives right images and left images.  Each eye sees the full resolution of the screen and therefore it’s a better viewing experience.


LED screens are now one of the most popular choices to make. Florescent backlights are placed behind the pixels and this gives you great control over the lighting of the screen. You can have full array backlit screens which is when clusters of LEDs are arranged behind the screen. It gives you an accurate brightness and image, amazing colours and very black levels which look fantastic.These sets will cost you more but they provide a great experience for the viewer.

The more affordable option is edge lit LED TVs. The LEDS are located around the edge of the screen and the light is spread evenly. As the LEDS are around the edge and not directly behind the screen the television sets can be extremely thin. If you care more about the design of your television, the price and are happy to have some reduced picture quality (that most people will not notice) then go for the edge lit option.

Why Smart TV is a Good ChoiceSmart TV

One of the lasted trends in technology is smart TVs. You can connect these televisions directly to your Internet connection and use entertainment apps and they still work with your satellite installation. It’s a great way of enjoying streamed content without being restricted to using desktops, laptops or tablets. If you like watching television online these sets are the logical choice.

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Chris Hoole is a television addict and freelance writer, his pet hates are waking up to find no digital TV signal. He recommends using Smart TVs joined with a satellite installation for the best nights in at home.

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