Apple unveiled a major facelift to it’s operating system at the Worldwide Developers Conference held at San Francisco yesterday. iOS7 will feature an overhauled interface, new control center, transparent animations, automatic app updates, Apple’s AirDrop file-sharing system and much more.This brand  new system will be available for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, the iPad 2, iPad third and fourth generation, the iPad mini and the iPod touch fifth generation.

The final release of this operating system will happen in the fall. It’s now available in beta for iPhone developers and for the iPad within few weeks. The man behind this new design is Jonathan Ive who did the hardware design for the iPad, iPhone and iPod.

All the old designs have been replaced with new chic icons. iOS 7’s camera app have also received a fresh makeover. It features  eight attractive filters and you can remove it if you wish after checking it out. You can also find new  ‘photo collections that groups your photos into a timeline that stretches over days, weeks, months and years.

Control Center is also a much discussed feature of iOS7 that keeps your   most-used settings in the front and center.  You can just swipe up from the bottom of the display to get quick-access to tools, like a Wi-Fi meter, brightness, Airplane mode, music controls etc. Before you used to go to the Settings menu of an iPhone or iPad to access these features. iOS 7 allows you to use gestures to take you where you want in a quicker way.

iOS 7 comes with an AirDrop feature which creates local ad-hoc networks among nearby users. You can now use Wi-Fi Direct and Bluetooth for sharing your files like photos, contact and videos with people nearby. For instance if you wish to share a photo then you can hit the share button, and automatically you can see others around your circle who are also using iOS 7.

Safari browse is a great addition to iOS 7 and gives room for a unified search and URL field. You will be able to enjoy more flexibility with the browser tabs now. Tabs can be  previewed as vertically scrolling rectangular cards. Navigation bars also disappear when you don’t use them, swiping left or right takes you back or forward a page.

Apple has even made Siri, a little more advanced than before. A new sound wave animation appears at the bottom of the screen when you speak, and Siri’s results can be found in full screen mode not like a tiny card. iOS 7’s Siri can even take control of your phone’s system settings. For instance you can play a past voice mail, turn on Bluetooth,or even increase the brightness settings. This feature is so unique about Apple’s new iOS7.

iOS will definitely change the future of Apple and you can wait till fall for it’s final release.

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