Who Uses the 800$ Apple 128 GB iPad?Whom does Apple target the 800$ iPad? Actually speaking this question is thrown towards the most brainish guy of Apple, Steve Jobs! Maybe the reason behind this striking technology could be the hurt made on Steve Jobs iPad which was reported in TIME Magazine! By the launch of this tremendous hardcore extra storage device of Apple, the consumers would definitely flee off most of the Android devices at market!

The psychological target of Steve Jobs would be apparently great and does created a headache for the Android developers around. Steve Jobs was badly torn by the technology writer’s desk on iPad!! The device or the former iPad of Steve Jobs was put down by Lev Grossman as just a creation which got nothing much to offer just like other Android devices. iPad was denoted as a device which manipulated the extra-ordinary electronic device computers. Its just a step but not regarded as something great expect to those passive consumers who sells rich content. So it is lovely device for deriving good content.

Who Uses the 800$ Apple 128 GB iPad?With the impressions made on Steve Jobs mind by the techie writer just, Apple worked on the new innovative iPad with brilliant storage capacity, iPad SKU 128GB for $800. Retina equipped technology designed iPad came into existence just a little after Job’s death, to be frank on Tuesday morning. This WiFi-model of iPad comes with twice the memory capacity of already exciting 64GB storage devices. But you could say it as an unnecessary device for those idle headed ones who prefer cheaper and compact ones.

A priority device more than an option for those who finds their living on music, entertainment, architects who generally works on AutoCAD and for those who stays on content extracts. But Apple got its own iOS version of CAD software running on its interface which many other tablets find it difficult to run this detailed and large files, said Amy Bunszel, Vice President of AutoCAD products for Autodesk.  Apple users would definitely fall in love with this sleek, muti-touch display of 128GB iPad. It comes with integrated camera and a promising battery life striking those other mobiles.

Apple proudly bringing out its flagship super iPad which would leap above Surface Pro, yet another exclusive product of Microsoft which ranked at $900. As noted, the rival powerful product of Microsoft Surface Pro is set to launch on Feb 9th with Apple’s iPad release on 5th Feb.

Hey guys, this is just a nutshell before the launch. So we could take what Job’s said and see how the sensational iPad gonna treat the consumers.

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