Mobile is no longer about talking on the phone; it’s about, sharing, organising, being entertained and staying connected. It’s become like a remote control for many peoples’ lives. They use it connect in more ways than could have been imagined in the days when mobiles were like bricks, and all you could do was talk into them. Global Mobile Internet use will soon surpass desktop use. For businesses, brands and agencies, this trend is proving to be a force that is completely changing the way that marketing and advertising campaigns are being developed. Whilst traditional marketing techniques like email marketing, print media and banner ads, mobile marketing is cantered around user’s wants and needs. Consumers want a more active role in choosing what they receive and are much more likely to respond and become engaged with your brand using their smartphones.

It is clear that mobile technology is here to stay. Not only is there is a lucrative market for digital businesses to tap into. Organisations and companies would do well to train in-house teams to develop apps and web sites developed with mobile functionality and usability in mind. We at Silicon Beach Training have seen a growing demand for Mobile Development and iPhone app training to reflect the current skills demand.

Whether it is a game of throwing around disgruntled birds, finding your nearest Indian takeaway, or taking retro-style pictures, iPhone users are all on the look-out for the best iPhone apps to make their iPhone engage inform and entertain them. Being the creator of a great iPhone app can get people talking about a company, and with this level of free marketing, it is clear that creating great apps for consumers can pay dividends. This is why mobile app developers are fast becoming the most sought after employees for the digital age.

The role of the mobile app developer is a relatively new one in the digital marketing industry, but businesses everywhere are beginning to realise the growth potential from using IOS training to develop successful iPhone apps. So, how can your business ensure it is doing its utmost to fill the gap between supply and demand of these apps?

Develop your company 

Get yourself a developer or train an existing employee! More and more students from computing courses are leaving university looking to become mobile app developers. Even self-taught developers are entering the workforce, creating from their bedrooms. However, if you are a small company, hiring freelance developers without much IOS training can be lengthy and costly.

Turn developers into devel-app-ers! 

The simplest way to get on track to join the iPhone app craze is getting your current employees or developers if you use them, to go on an IOS app course. These courses are a great way of ensuring that your employees are getting the exact and specific training they are going to need to make your company a killer iPhone app time after time. Also training your current employees cuts out the hassle of hiring from outside of the company, and means that your newly formed app developer will already be familiar with the company’s needs.

Choosing the right iPhone course 

Look around you. The digital marketing sector has spread so rapidly, you are never more than a stone’s throw away from professional help and training. In Sussex, there are more than companies in this sector than you can shake a smartphone at. And with such competition, it is hard to do all training in-house. Companies such as Silicon Beach Training take all the hard work out of keeping your employees in the know. Choose wisely, we provide a five day training course in Brighton, some companies are offering 2 or three day courses. Shorter courses will not be able to provide all the hands-on practise essential for learning. There is more to iOS development than code, you need your developers to know how to get their app to market and make sure it is easy to find in the App Store.

Get creative 

Now that you know how to get your company up to speed quicker than you can say “Bob’s your Apple”, get thinking about what fantastic apps you can create to promote your company and get people talking about you. Most importantly, of course, give your consumers what they want. Give them something that they won’t be able to live without and get them sharing!

The iPhone and its apps, have changed the way people view their mobile phones; make sure your company gets the same treatment!


Silicon Beach Training in Brighton provide a range of Mobile Develpment Training including a iPhone Training course. Trainers are all industry professionals with a wealth of experience. Classes are kept small to allow for pleanty of attention and hands-on experience for delegates. All training courses can be provided incompany.


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