The death of Steve Jobs at the age of 56 on October 5, 2011 quickly inspired waves of condolences and appreciation for the Apple co-founder and his legacy. Jobs had publicly and bravely battled cancer for seven years after his diagnosis in 2004. He had stepped down as Apple CEO in September. Now, he has left the company he built to face the world without his unique vision and commitment to excellence. The vision of Steve Jobs sprang from sources such as his lifelong quasi-spiritual commitment to Zen Buddhism. Zen’s emphasis on focus and simplicity influenced the minimalist design of many Apple products such as the MacBook.

In the final analysis, Steve Jobs remained faithful to his own standard of quality and refused to let the expectations of others dictate his performance. The visionary breadth and depth of his creativity made Apple the most successful company in America by making products that reflected the integrity with which he lived his life. The commitment to quality solidified the support of his customers who willingly paid the prices charged in exchange for owning quality products. He once stated that personal integrity demanded the same level of quality be displayed in all aspects of a product, regardless of whether the customer would ever see them.

The legacy of Steve Jobs can be found in the products that swept the world in the few years before his death. The iPhone, released in 2007, launched a mini-revolution by creating a new technological category: the smartphone. While the term had been used to refer to BlackBerrys, the standard device for the business and professional class, Jobs democratized it and saw that it could be for everyone. Endless lines of customers appeared at Apple Stores across the country when it was released.

The launch of the iPad in 2010 further cemented his latter-day reputation and created another stir by solidifying Apple’s status. Over 30 million iPads have been sold since its launch. The iPhone and iPad have continued to create long lines of customers with each subsequent release. His products have transformed how humans use the Internet and communicate with one another. The sheer ingenuity of his ideas have made him, his company and his signature products beloved by tens of millions of delighted customers. The Macintosh, the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad are instantly recognizable across the world in multiple countries.

Even better, Jobs lived out a constant commitment to improvement by making his products better. His focus on industrial design, inspired by his connection to Eastern religion, resulted in an aesthetically pleasing minimalist look. Apple’s products became almost synonymous with modern life. Apple itself became the focus of an entire sub-culture populated by dedicated fans.

Steve Jobs’s body may have returned to dust, but his spirit will forever be part of the company he founded and built. The ultimate legacy of Steve Jobs is a commitment to integrity in business and personal affairs. That will continue to resonate with his customers and with America.

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