If someone asks “can Google+ beat Facebook?” they’re just distorting the question. Its not one site on another showing who the boss is. Google calls it the Google+ project, its just the project is to become the central part of Google’s identity. It will transfigure Google’s identity and as a whole. Now the question should be “can Google beat Facebook?” When put in that perspective, things become lot more even. That is how it goes and how it need to be considered. Facebook, of course, has a huge head start, but there are few good things one can consider about Google+, few reasons for people to dump Facebook and go Google+.

Integration with Google Services

The best leverage Google has got to use against Facebook is the integration of Google+. This will explain better, Google will tailor and bring in Google+ social networking features and tools on to every existing Google service, stretching from Search to Documents to video(YouTube). A good kick to the start, Google+ is already integrated into the top right navigation bar of almost every Google product. This brings you the good possibility in monitoring Google+ events (updates, messages, etc) in ease and also to share them across your friends with no need to leave the Google service you are on, that time. Everyday, millions and millions of people make use of Google’s free services (Gmail, Docs, Search, etc.), and then comes Google+ so very close bound to all these, bringing the best of access ease; now it might seem silly to jump out off all these to another site(Facebook) to do your social networking.

Better Friend Management

The “Circles” concept is more in accord to the way we make friends in real life and Google got it right. Our friend clusters are always different, its just that we have different kinds of friends and the way which we interact and communicate with them is equally different. Groups feature in the Facebook makes it possible to form ad hoc groups of friends, but when comes to Google+, the Circles are Cumbersome, far ahead of Group. Fact is, the Facebook Groups feature is ‘built on’ and it arrived the scene lately but the friend ‘Circles’ is the cornerstone for the Google+ platform.

Easier Mobile Connectivity

Now the next important feature offered is a pretty easy mobile support. When you are an Androider, you have the ease to bring in your mobile content to your social platform. Lucid and more utilitarian, made possible with the Google+ mobile app. Apparently, the application is extravagant, but so very sure that Google will tailor in more features, making your Android phone a seamless appendage of your Google+ social platform. And what more, the huge android user base of Google is one good wedge against Facebook.

Hunt on ‘Stuff to Share’ Made Easy

Sparks in another important leverage tool Google has against Facebook and an important differentiator from Facebook. Sparks brings in the Search engine advantage, gives users an instant wellspring of germane information to share across friends- something Facebook is impotent of. Now the Facebook never got a search engine, Facebookers need to leave the site to hunt for sharable data or maybe they got to wait for their friends to share it. Now the best answer to where and how fast can i get stuff to share is Sparks.

You can Reclaim your Data

Facebook got a poor stewardship of your personal data and its very well know to all Facebookers. Facebook pulls you to make certain parts of your personal data public and it is really a hard task to delete your Facebook profile. Now Google on its approach to personal data in Google+ is far considerate. Lets you pick every bit of the data you banked at Google+ and simply walk away, no blocks to do that. Made possible with the Google’s advanced Data Liberation tool. With it, its easy for you to gather and download all your data from Picasa Web Albums, Google profile, Google+ stream, Buzz and contacts.

Advanced Photo Tagging

Photo tagging is far advanced with Google+. You tag photos much similar to what you do in Facebook. But here you can draw a little square around the face and then type in their name by the box below or go for the names guessed by Google+. There is a big privacy concern bundled and when you tag someone, you see the notification “Adding this tag will notify the person you have tagged. They will be able to view the photo and the related album.” Now compared to this feature, Facebook never has any such feature to warn a person when he/ she is tagged(maybe in an unflattering or compromising photo) and give immediate chance to remove the tag. Also, Google has wisely decided to shy away to make use of facial recognition software, that Facebook now uses to automatically identify people in photos uploaded to user albums.

Strong Group Chat Features

Google+ chat is long way ahead of Facebook chat. The Hangout feature in Google+ makes it possible to form ad hoc group video chats in ease. Seems a natural, fun thing to do in social networking, forming ad hoc groups for a little chat. Also, the new Huddle mobile app makes it easy for Androiders to start up group text chats. Facebook has none of these tools to offer.

Safer Content Sharing

The privacy advocates always wanted to have a separate privacy level for each piece of content they share, in lieu to the preset privacy settings hooked to every share. Google has  researched well on such concerns and tailored Google+ the way to make privacy concerners happy. If you chose to share a content, Google+ brings you an option to chose to which all friends circle, you’d like to share.

Google is a Better Steward for your Personal Data

Running a social network is all about perfectly taking care of users’ personal information. Now that Facebook is a young, fast moving company, proved itself to be cavalier in its movements, but lacks respect for user privacy, and is accident prone. Here come the Google, far a mature company, and when it comes to the privacy part, Google does it better.


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