When we develop something our own we may experience some technology issues. There are couple of technology issues with Wifi car. I will explain the hurdles below and I will suggest the solution or workaround.

The main hurdles we faced is stable electric supply to drive SBC, wifi router. Most of the Car have 12V DC output from the battery and associated dianomo. We need 20V DC with 3.5A rating and 12V with 1A rating. So we need to design some adapter to cope this. Some adapters are available online we can also buy the same. But we need to make sure that the adapter is stable one. By the time we are using a costume designed power supply for this.

Apart from the electric supply we faced another major issue. As we are using BSNL EVDO for internet connection we need the dialing driver and its stack for connecting the internet. We can’t directly use Wifi router with EVDO cards. Moreover EVDO cards can be connected to USB only. We are using a laptop to install and dial EVDO now. But we need to carry laptop every time for connecting internet, we need to avoid this bottleneck. Single board computer is a solution for this. We can install a linux operating system in a single board computer and we can plug the EVDO card in the USB available in single board computer. By using a single board computer we can reduce the power rating too. For a device from compulab (check the link above) the power rating is 3.3V and around 1A current. This device will also support operating systems like Embedded Windows XP and linux kernels. The device cost around $140, which is promising we can also use the same device as music player too.

In the coming days we will explain the procedure for installing each and every components described above. Coming post’s contain somesort of technology configurations. Don’t be baulked to ask your queries and doubts. Don’t miss any of the post in the series, you may get confused if you miss some.

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One comment on “Wifi Car:- Technology Hurdles

  1. Adminnnn… I dont get any thing being very techie terms. But the idea is simple, the use of gadget to accommodate your need, encapsulating in a sense 🙂

    Well done buddy 🙂
    Please tell me what is EVDO?
    What kind of connection is that? What is the difference from other broadband connections?

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