New duty for t-shirts?

Interestingly another job for t-shirts, detect wifi strength around you, its an anomaly. But this is true, it will show the wifi signal strength to you and people around you.

The glowing bars on the t-shirt will display the signal strength. So we don’t need to carry a laptop for wardriving. The product will show signal strength’s for 802.11b or 802.11g. Interestingly we can remove the wifi gadget when we need to wash the cloth. The t-shirt is black in color and 100% cotton. Battery pack is concealed in a small pocket inside the t-shirt. The battery conception is about 3 hours for a AAA battery. Hopefully I will buy one soon 🙂 .

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Sanil S Founding member of MobMe Wireless Pvt Ltd, Ayruz Web Holdings

5 comments on “WiFi detector on your t-shirt

  1. Gadget sounds techie, but, its not safe i believe. Our body is going to make direct contact to accessories/gadgets that are variable in strength at different time. I would like to know the safety measures while hanlding this, also there is power (even though small AAA batteries) to be accomodated with in our body.

  2. TheAnand on said:

    Do you know a place where I can buy this sexy gadget?!?!?!

  3. Nandu Nair on said:

    i was wondering if we have enough of these shirts in a particular zip code or postal code, then the shirt could act as a repeater and there is a possibility of a “wireless wide area network”

  4. Sanil S on said:

    That was interesting but we need mesh networking for that. Check out my post series about mesh networking on this site.

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