This is gonna an important topic What VOIP can do with WiFi mesh? I can say this is the topic which might be useful for saving your expense in local calls. If your city is already WiFi enabled just think of the situation where you don’t need to pay phone bills for local calls? I know you will be interested. If your city is WiFi enabled this dream can be setup without enough cost. But this is heavily dependent on your network. There are couple of requirements that need to be satisfied.

1) WiFi mesh
2) SIP server
3) SIP clients

Another main requirement is your bandwidth and its reliability. Make your WiFi mesh reliable for voice handling. Any packet loss in voice handling may disrupt its quality of service(QoS). Another major factor is its latency. IPERF is a measurement tool to find the QoS. This tool measures mainly node to node throughput, latencies, jitter, packet loss etc. If the QoS achieves certain level, we can deploy Voice solution with the existing WiFi mesh network. SIP server may be open source asterisk solutions or some Hardware capable to accept SIP protocols.

Now a days high end phones are equipped with WiFi chip. So we can install a SIP based application and use it in the existing mesh network for local voice call. I am planning to setup a asterisk based solution in one of our mesh network for testing purpose so that I can analyze the reliability.

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Sanil S Founding member of MobMe Wireless Pvt Ltd, Ayruz Web Holdings

6 comments on “Wifi Mesh and VOIP

  1. Sanil,

    Seems interesting….could you test this with Asterisk?
    How is the performance when you move between access points?


  2. Alex on said:

    I doubt that there is roaming support in Open-Mesh (hopefully i’m wrong but…) … As anyone tried to integrate that from SMesh at Hopkins ?


  3. Santhosh on said:

    can u give more insite into it.

  4. Soumaila on said:

    Hi every one, did any one try open mesh VOIP? Please let me know was it.

    thank you

  5. chandrashekhar on said:

    Anyone please tell me how to build the meshDriver on linux from

    Advance thanks to anyone’s suggesion

    You can mail me on

    Chandrashekhar H

  6. Shubham nagdeve on said:

    Ti is very expensive.

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