Windows 8 Inbuilt securityDoes the Windows new version, Windows 8 meet up the security standards? This may have ringed in many customers mind before getting Windows 8 run in their PCs or still under wavering whether to run Windows 8! Windows 8 the epitome of in-built security claimed by Microsoft!

With many of the outstanding features in-built, Windows 8 is considered one of the most security guaranteed operating system to date!! Does it sound great?

A researcher at ESET, explained Windows 8 comes with a very incredible pack of security options for the users keeping them on the safer side throughout. He added that Windows 8 is the most secure Windows operating system ever!

So is Windows 8 exposed to malware? Like all other operating systems Windows 8 does get exposed to threats via internet. Microsoft is building up advanced technologies to bring up high levels of security against malware.

You wanna check how secure your new version of Windows 8? It is quite simple. Get loaded your start screen first. Now type security. Then click on to check security status. The new security center provides you with the security status of your PC. You can change your internet and UAC settings. 

Windows 8 Inbuilt security

Windows 8 came up with highly advanced security options called Windows SmartScreen and The New Windows Defender.

Windows SmartScreen, a security tool launched by Microsoft to protect your PC from running unauthorized apps or docs which gets downloaded from internet. It is only with the approval of yours the SmartScreen allows you to download the data to your PC. As you click the download button, the SmartScreen pops out waiting for your approval! You can change the settings by opting for giving a warning before running an unauthorized file or completely off the SmartScreen feature. Quite an user-friendly app launched by Microsoft! At times this features sent some details to Microsoft directly, thereby helping out them to improve the SmartScreen feature in other systems.Windows 8 Inbuilt security

The new Windows Defender, a more sophisticated security version when compared with already existing anti-spyware. This warns your PC against many malwares which exposes the PC at risk. This new revised defender version is packaged to protect your data and files from different viral threats. As you run Windows 8 on your PC, the operating system will install this defender feature and gets updated just like any anti-virus software. After installation just go for a scan for all system files using this anti-spyware. Defender runs at the background keeping your PC well protected from the launch of any virus attack!Windows 8 Inbuilt security

Don’t worry if you wish to install a third party anti-virus software! You can always do it just by disabling the Windows Defender! Keep in mind Windows Defender can never be removed from your PC, it reboots once the third party anti-virus is uninstalled making Windows 8 in-built security more prominent!

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