Windows 8 ReviewsWindows 8 the new version of Windows which you were continuing since the modern XP era! Those who got Windows 8 in your PCs know much of its plus and negatives. It had been launched to the public from February of this year.

To be more specific Windows 8 shifted the basic Windows version and is now  more or less used on a tablet or touch screen orientated use. Window 8 can’t be that shaky but rather smoother polished and finished combination when compared to Windows 7.

Reviewing an operating system maybe not great effort always speaking but helps to relearn or upgrade things much better. There were actually many reviews of Windows 8 till date showing how user friendly and functional it is. The earlier upsetting Modern UI apps like mailing, messaging, calendar are much functional using this latest version and even on the 10th of October many upgrades were added by Windows 8 ReviewsMicrosoft adding on to its functionality.

Though Windows 8 launched its initial step at the beginning of the year the final release of the Windows 8 by Microsoft was on 26th October. Microsoft actually preinstalled Windows 8 version in desktop PCs, laptops, and tablets. So PCs with this new version of OS installed will boot automatically into Windows 8. As said by an user Windows 8 boots up fast letting the user to the startup options. Windows 8 users says it is the most speediest and most annoyance free operating system installation to experience.

The Metro Bar of Windows 8 is truly claimed as a controversial feature as some of the users says it is not complete as both Windows 8 and Windows 7 interface the tiles making it little shaky. The Windows 8 ReviewsMetro people’s app is just great drawing all your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Microsoft accounts together!

Windows 8 does not include the earlier Office  though it is coupled with Windows RT either, but Windows 8 version helps to download Office 2013 and runs on any x86 desktop PCs which do not have RT.

So its up to you, whether you dislike or like Windows 8 as it an unified user interface Microsoft cloud connector and faster social media interface! Are you a normal PC user, then go for your already existing Windows 7 or if you are tab or mobile Skydrive user Windows 8 fits you the best!

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