Windows 8 is trending everywhere these days, however you should have a clear idea about this before you change your operating system.

The best part about Windows 8 is that it doesn’t require a new hardware, it will run smoothly on the same system even if it’s Vista. It doesn’t take much time also  to customize your new windows like before. Everything  can be done within just a single click of a mouse.

Here are certain facts that you need to know about Windows 8 given below:

Beware of scammers

You need to be more careful when you are about to download a free version of the operating system. These days there are many scams that awaits you with some virus when you download it. Make sure that you are getting it from a legitimate source.

Secure Boot
Windows 8′s new Secure Boot feature only allows pre-approved applications to load during startup. All thew authorized applications will only load during the start-up process. This feature even locks down devices to prevent users from running non-Windows systems or free programs that are not created by Microsoft.


The Power of Smartscreen

There is a feature called Smartscreen in Windows 8 which controls the download of suspicious files. However if you are downloading the suspicious file, then it can’t help you.

Picture Password

If you are using picture password then you need to be more careful as anyone can easily get access to it.

Windows 8 in the hit list of Malware Writers

Microsoft  is in the hit list of most of the malware writers as they have the maximum number of systems. With Windows 8, Microsoft requires that every system have anti-virus software installed and operational. You need maximum protection against all threats that arises everyday.

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