In one of my previous post I described the workaround for installing Windows XP in your pre-installed Windows Vista computer and the process of partition drive in Windows Vista. But I forgot to mention about the bootloader for Vista. When we have multiple operating system installed in our system we need to choose the operating system to boot while booting your system. So we need to install a bootloader for this.

When we install an Linux or Ubuntu in our system then a bootloader will be installed with the installation process. So we can select which operating system to load during the booting process. But we are installing 2 operating systems, Windows Vista and Windows XP both are Windows. Since the primary operating system is Windows Vista we need to install a Vista booloader. Download and install VistaBootPro.


During the installation of VistaBootPro it will force to install .NET framework 2.0. Open the bootloader application. Select the radio buttons as shown in the figure below.

To add Windows XP bootloader entry, click on the Diagnostics menu item and then choose Run Diagnostics from the menu. This will scan the and find if there is an Windows XP in your system. Click on the “Manage OS Entries” tab and then click in the textbox for Rename OS Entry, and name it something useful like “Windows XP” or “Your Favorite name”.


Click the button Apply Updates and reboot the system. On your next boot process you can see the bootloader with options viz Vista and the Windows XP.

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2 comments on “Windows Vista Bootloader

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  2. Hi, I have done as above but when restarting whilst I get the option to select the XP or Vista option, XP will not boot – it seems to be getting the drive mixed up even though in vistbootpro the drives are clearly marked. I have loaded vistabootpro on to the new partiioned drive which has windows XP.

    Can anyone suggest any ideas?

    Thanks, Ewan.

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