Shortcut key Combination Effect
Shift+Left Click ——————>    To open another instance of a program pinned on task bar.
CTRL+Left Click —————–>    It is used on taskbars to switch programs of that program alone.
Win+X —————————->    To open windows mobility center
Win+T —————————->    Jump to the taskbar to select a new window with left arrow or right arrow key +Enter
Win+P —————————->    To open projector mode to change external display settings.
Win+G —————————->     To bring gadgets to the front.
Win+Space ———————–>    To Enable Aero Peek
Win+1,2,3,4 or 5 —————–>    To launch programs from the taskbar.
Win+Home ———————–>    Minimize/Maximize non-active windows.
Win++,Win+-  ——————–>    Zoom in or out
Win+Down  Arrow Key ———->    Minimize current window
Win+Up Arrow Key ————–>    Maximize Current Window
Win+CTRL+Left Arrow Key —->    Contract non-maximized window from any arrow key direction.
Win+SHIFT+Left Arrow Key —>    Expand non-maximized window to any arrow key direction.
Win+SHIFT+Right Arrow Key ->   Move the current selected window one window to the right.
Win+Right Arrow Key ———–>    Dock Window to the right hand side of the screen
Win+Left Arrow Key ————->    Dock Window to the left hand side of the screen

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