Have you ever thought of switching off your lights resting on your couch? Don’t worry, your wish will soon become a reality. Researchers at the University of Washington are working on a device called ‘Wisee’ that can interpret your gestures to perform commands for various devices. For instance you can pause music or movies, or even turn off the lights in your room.

Wisee uses Wi-Fi signals to control sensor-based devices in a normal household. This device will make your life easier like never before. It uses the same principle like that of the Xbox Kinect. However ,Wisee does not require close proximity for operation as Wi-Fi signals can even travel through walls.

WiSee uses wireless sources like a regular Wi-Fi router and mobile devices to detect and transmit human gestures. It doesn’t need any visible-light or infrared cameras like Kinect, Leap Motion etc. It monitors just the wavelength of the Wi-Fi waves in devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops. For instance, if you wave your hand then it will cause changes in the Wi-Fi signal, and the receiver can use its software to interpret them as commands.

Wisee even works through walls, so that you can control appliances or electronic devices kept in a different room. It makes use of multiple-input, multiple-outlet (MIMO) technology. There is even an option in this device for protecting your personal password to prevent unwanted interference from outsiders. Here are a few applications of Wisee that you can soon make use of given below:

Music: You can lift your hand up to the air to increase the volume of your radio.

TV: If you are washing dishes in your kitchen, then you can change the TV channel by just swiping your arm through the air.

Heating and cooling: When you are sitting on a couch and all of a sudden you feel little bit cold or hot, then you can raise or lower the temperature on your thermostat by showing gestures.

Home lighting: You can turn off all the lights in your home by just showing an arm gesture before you fall asleep. No wonder if there is a remake of P.S I Love you, Gerry would give Holly a Wisee instead of a table lamp!
The developers of Wisee claims that right now, the software can recognize around nine different gestures at an average of 94% accuracy even in a multi-room space occupied by several people. The prototype was tested in both an office environment and a two-bedroom apartment. The researchers believe that installing this revolutionary new system could be as simple as plugging in a Wi-Fi router equipped with WiSee software. Their next focus will be on enabling the router to control multiple devices at the same time.

So all you lazy bums out there, the coming up of Wisee is really a happy news for you!

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