SLR Camera

How does it work?

Camera Working Principle

SLR is short for ‘Single Lens Reflex’ (denoting Reflection). A SLR camera uses a single lens through which an image is focused or targeted. A mirror is used to reflect the light emitted by the target/body, through the viewfinder, to our eyes. There is a penta prism (prism with 5 sides) on the path of rays to view finder, inside which internal reflections take place to deviate a straight light to view finder. This is the mechanism inside a camera. Lenses used are mostly biconvex. This lens inverts the image rays, twice inside the camera and hits the sensor, So that we get the actual image.

Film Vs Sensor

Now a days only few people mind to use a film to capture pictures. In the D-SLR’s and other digital cameras, a sensor is used instead of films, on which the image is let to fall. While capturing image, the camera shutter opens which lets the image rays hit the sensor (instead of a film) in a D-SLR, whereas film in normal SLRs.

A negative on a film is replaced with pixel(s) which stores the image information on a sensor.

Image Format

A SLR camera captures the exact image as we see through bear eyes, no filtering or any kind of image loss takes place here. The exact light rays reach the storage medium, whereas in Digital camera, the digitizing makes loss to the captured image.

The image format taken in SLR mode is termed as RAW, which can be converted to any other standard formats using external tools or any internal tools that camera introduces.

Role of Megapixel

In the present day world, there are people, who choose cameras rating the Megapixel. A megapixel matters only for those who take pictures for posters (large sized). For others who want normal photographs, megapixel is never an issue. A standard SLR camera often requires a minimum of 5-6MP.

A megapixel is the count of pixels by which image/image details is been registered. In a digital camera, Megapixel counts to the size of image, clarity is the same on a 6MP camera or taken in a 10MP camera.

So what really matter in SLR imaging?

Lens and CMOS sensor!!! J

Don’t jump out for Megapixel if you really don’t bother the size of image. Choose proper lens for your camera, as per your requirement (provided the camera has good CMOS sensor), produces the image as you see and as you expect to see. A good lens and a good sense of photography along with a good knowledge of your own camera (which is more important), always brings the best of your imagination. J

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