Yahoo messenger had a cool feature called invisible mode. Sometime people misuse this functionality which so annoying. There are couple of solution to hack whether the invisible one are actually online.

Let me explain few methods to check whether invisible one is actually online or not? One which is very official way that provided by Yahoo itself by checking the profile directory. Suppose your target profile be `xyz`. Open the URL in your browser. The page entitled with Yahoo status. The page will display the information about the account like name, sex, age, occupation etc.


Another way to check the user is invisible is

This will show the status of the user, If the status is 00 then user is invisible and 01 if the user is online.

Another way which is not generic one. Lot of providers are giving status message from yahoo. One such provider is Yahoo status checker. You can provide the username on the textfield provided and click on submit button. The application will provide you the status of yahoo messenger.

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34 comments on “Yahoo messenger invisible mode checker

  1. Hahaha.. I was looking for this. ๐Ÿ™‚
    thankyou buddy

  2. how abt gtalk… any such thing for gtalk.. google chat????

  3. Sanil S on said:

    I was searching for such thing in gtalk but unfortunately I didn’t find any.

  4. jessica on said:

    hi, i tried all the suggestions you made.. and i used my own username cause well duh i’d know if the status was accurate or not and none of them were. I ws invisible the whole time i was checking and they all said i was offline. So then i went visible and they still showed me as offline…

  5. Sanil S on said:

    The second one works fine every time however some bug is there in the first link.

    One more question: Have you replaced the username with your username?

  6. Aydin on said:

    With You Can Find an Invisible User on Yahoo! Messenger.
    Test it and say your opinion.

  7. Shridutt on said:

    Hi, well I just tried the status checker on my own ID. while I was online it showed me I’m offline…so I consider it as it’s fake or problematic, so if you have something better plz let me know or email me. thanks

  8. Sanil S on said:

    @Shridutt: Some kind of problems are there however it works well for me. Check using

  9. TheAnand on said:

    Using these other sites for checking invisiblity is quite dangerous as they might use the id for spamming you.

    the second method in this post works well for me.

  10. its not working….

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  12. the simple way is to upload environment yahoo yoodle

    unless they had set you to appear permanently offline the environment will get uploaded.

    is the option 2 works even if the stealth setting in yahoo messenger been set to appear permanently offline ??/

  13. Andrei on said:

    This website is the best, work even with meebo and webmessenger

  14. Folks, try this: yahoo invisible. They have a new algorithm and they detect anyone is on Yahoo. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. dharmesh acharya on said:

    Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!

    Truely great TIPS
    they all are working at right

  16. Check this great Yahoo invisible scanner with a lot of functionalities!

  17. perse adrian on said:

    You can try this site

  18. a very good invisible scanner is never busy

  19. yscan on said:

    best among all
    you can download your buddy’s avatar too

  20. perse adrian on said:


  21. Marian on said:

    I personally use, and I found it excellent.
    Gorgeous interface, fast.

    They even have a desktop application for yahoo status checking named Detect Invisible.Me.

  22. ystatus on said:

    Another yahoo status checker is Try it and tell me what you think ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. MessTracker on said:

    MessTracker is a web based service that allows you to track online/offline/invisible status of any yahoo messenger account (max. 2accounts, 3 months period history,10 min scan interval)
    It can be down att times, the owner needs funding for hosting (or free hosting), so help by donating!!!!

  24. Yahoo invisible detector on said:

    Man, i use Yahoo invisible detector and it works very good!

  25. New site:
    check Yahoo! ID invisible nick 100% right.
    This website can show a real status of a Yahoo! ID ( online/offline and invisible ) with 99% accurate.
    hope u like it.

    And u can add nick wow.robot for check quickly

  26. The best Yahoo Invisible Detector can Check online, offline and Invisible Status of Yahoo messenger’s users and show the real mode of the buddy.

  27. Nonon Raingam on said:

    It’s Great buddy… i hope you’ll enjoy another method.. let me share it with you.. it’s simple and it’s built-in in the yahoo messenger : simply activate the Doodle Environment, if it’s loaded from the other end, then we can know he/she is online..but set it’s status as invisible.. hope to learn more from you..C U.

  28. Dennes on said:

    The best Yahoo Invisible Detector scanner 100% accurate.

  29. Yahoo on said:

    Please visit me

    With Yahoo Skin

  30. Chau Nguyen on said:

    Why don’t you try:, not only check online, offline, invisible, it can also get the avatar of the victim, add friend, view profile and chat with victim. Try it.

  31. OK works well, thanks

  32. Litunovskiy on said:

    Not bad, I think it is necessary to reflect

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  34. excellent service! I am very happy))! Thank you!

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