Yahoo! Weather is a new app for iPhone released on 18th April. If you wish to know the weather condition in a place look like then this application gives you the exact location images. Therefore you can find out how any place in the world look like at the current moment within a single click from your smartphone.

“Today what we do is read the weather. You’re looking a numbers on a chart, and you’re basically reading,” “”Adam Cahan, Yahoo’s SVP of Mobile and Emerging Products says that what most of us do today is that reading weather when we look upon the charts but Yahoo! Weather gives you an opportunity to see weather, which is something really unique.

This app not only just show you the weather data points but also  shows Flickr photos from any part of the world giving you a visual representation of the weather conditions. Most of the images are displayed full screen, and you set it in  portrait mode, the weather information will be displayed below. In landscape mode photos will be displayed without any information except the name of the photographer. The best part about this app is that you can flip between images like postcards.

Most of the photos are taken from Flickr’s “Project Weather,” a community  site created by Yahoo that focuses on weather photography. It is an open group and anybody can upload photos.  However all the images  are crosschecked by a  staff member, so you will find also trustworthy sources.

All the images will  change depending  on the weather conditions and the time. For example you won’t see the same image that you saw in the morning when you check it by evening even if the weather condition and location remains the same. All the photos will be updated automatically.

For places where no weather photos have been submitted, Yahoo displays a generic weather-based photo. For example, a cloudy day will be represented by a photo of clouds in the sky. Apart from the daily reports there is also a feature for showing the weekly forecast. There is  a radar that shows a high-level overview of conditions, wind & pressure information, and even information about sunrise and sunset times for the area.

If you just wish like to go for a visual journey around the  world then you can download this app. Yahoo! Weather app is currently available on Apple’s App Store.

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