You don’t have to waste money on an expensive video camera or run around an editing studio to give a slow motion effect for your videos. Youtube has recently introduced a slow motion tool to it’s video editing suite that helps you to make a slow motion video by yourself. All the amateur filmmakers will definitely find this tool highly beneficial. You’ll get a smooth, slow motion video that makes it look like it was filmed with a high-speed camera.

The slow motion automation comes as part of YouTube’s basic editing options for video makers. It is not that complicated like other practical options, like cutting, splicing, and stabilization, however there is a great scope for making your videos more interesting with this effect. For enabling this feature all you need to do is to  click Edit, navigate to Enhancements and hit the icon emblazoned with a turtle to make footage crawl at 12.5, 25 or 50 percent of its original pace. The  resulting clips won’t  last longer than 10 minutes. Right now this  feature is not available in some countries outside the US. It will take some more time for the outside residents to access this feature.

YouTube is already offering many editing features like the following:

  • Auto-fix: Performs a one click-fix to enhance the video’s lighting and color.
  • Lighting and color: To manually adjust lighting and color, click the icon next to Auto-fix to open a panel of controls.
  • Stabilize: Adjusts the video to correct any shakiness.
  • Trim: Clip parts off the beginning and/or end of your video.
  • Filters: The left side of the page shows pre-set color filters that you can apply to your video to give them a stylish and unique look.
  • Face blurring: Protect the anonymity of people in your video.

You can’t find some attractive  over the web clips using the new tool just yet, but YouTube has released a shot of Times Square slowed to 1/8th of its original speed to demonstrate its effect. Check out an example how the slow motion tool has been used in the following videos. Check out the videos that demonstrates the before and after effect  below:

Now you will just love to explore this new tool introduced by Google and you can make your videos more funny. You can make the best out of it to create that dramatical effect which you crave for your videos. If you are an amateur also, you can just give it a try.

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